My Background:

  • 10 years working for the Canadian federal government in Ottawa in various departments. During that time I worked on web strategy, digital marketing, and performance measurement for various programs
  • Online entrepreneur for the past 10+ years. I currently own a small portfolio of niche websites that are monetized primarily through advertising and affiliate marketing. I’ve started and scaled traffic to brand new websites, as well as bought and sold niche sites

Why Ontario Business Grants?

I started this site because I am, first and foremost, a researcher. By inclination, I’m drawn to a particular type of research: pulling together information that is scattered to answer important questions.

With, the important question I’ve tried to answer is this:

While there do exist websites with information on financial incentives offered by the federal government, provincial government, etc., there’s no one site that brings together all of those incentives under one roof for Ontario businesses.

And if you have experience with government websites, you might have found them to be a little lacking in user-friendliness.

So with I’ve tried to bring together all information on financial incentives for entrepreneurs in a user-friendly and plain English way. 

What You Should Do Next:

To your business success,

Maurice (Moe) Muise