Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint

Get a custom blueprint with grants, wage subsidies, and more that your business is eligible for!

If you don’t have the time to spend dozens of hours researching grants, or you’re simply overwhelmed by the amount of information out there (that’s common!), this is the service for you.

We do an intensive search of our database (and use some creative thinking) to produce a list of current programs that your business is eligible for.

There is no other service like this on the market and we guarantee that it will be money well spent for your business.

How It Works

1. You complete our Business Grants Questionnaire

The questionnaire asks the questions we need answered to do a thorough search of our database.

Note: completing the questionnaire is absolutely free.

2. We do a deep, intensive search of our database

We search our database of ~2,500 grants, wage subsidies, loans, and more. Our analysts also use their extensive experience to think “outside the box” and identify unique programs that you should consider applying for.

3. We contact you with the preliminary results of our research

At this point we will have searched our database to confirm which programs (grants, wage subsidies, etc.) your business is eligible for, and how much money you can potentially receive.

We will then contact you with those preliminary results. Should you choose to proceed with the full Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint, the fee will be $197.

4. We create your Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint

The report will include grant programs that are currently running (or will be open for applications within the current fiscal year) and that your business is eligible for.

We also include relevant wage subsidies, loan programs, and much more.

In essence, the report is a complete funding blueprint for your business.

Your Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint will be delivered within 5 business days of your payment.

What the Report Contains

The Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint has these sections:


Summary of the grants (and other financial incentives) we found for your business.

Recommended Action Steps

What we recommend you do after reading the report.

Eligible Programs (Summary Table)

A snapshot of grants (and other financial incentives) that your business is eligible for.

Eligible Programs (Detailed)

A detailed profile of each financial incentives that your business is eligible for, including a description of the programs, eligibility criteria, and steps to apply.

Sample Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint

If you’d like to see exactly what you will receive, here’s a section of a sample Blueprint:

How to Get Started


Click the orange button below to go to the free questionnaire (you’ll be asked basic questions about your business)


Once you submit the questionnaire, we do a search of our database (~2,500 grants, wage subsidies, and more)


We’ll be in touch within 3 business days to let you know how much money your business qualifies for


Should you decide to proceed with the Guaranteed Business Grants Blueprint, you pay $197 and we create your report!




Money-Back Guarantee

If we don’t find grants worth at least 25X your investment that your business is eligible for, we’ll refund your money.

Your first step is to complete our FREE grants questionnaire.