Queen’s University – Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition


The Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition (QEC) is organized as an opportunity for entrepreneurs of the day to acquire the sources they need to jump start the future. QEC is Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate startup competition. It has been trailblazing and innovating in Canada and around the world for 35 years.

Comments on Funding:

Participants have the opportunity to compete for over $80,000 worth of monetary prizes to fund winning ventures, as well as in-kind services such as consulting sessions from reputable companies and venture capital firms to guide winning teams


  • Applicants must be students currently enrolled in university or college on a full-time basis in the current academic year working towards an undergraduate degree or diploma or graduated no earlier than May 2023, including students who chose to leave their current school while pursuing their undergraduate degree.
  • Teams may have members that are older, but more than 50% of the core team must fit the criteria in item 1. However, those that do not meet the specified criteria cannot pitch at the weekend.
  • A maximum of 4 team members may compete at the final weekend. Team members must be consistent for each round at the final weekend.
  • Teams can be comprised of students attending different universities.
  • If the company that is the subject of the submitted business plan is currently in operation, it must not have operated for more than 3 years prior to submitting its business plan.
  • Past participants are eligible to compete again, provided that they must satisfy the following requirements:
    a) The participant submitted a business plan to the preliminary round, but did not compete in the Top 6 at a previous QEC final weekend;
    b) The participant is submitting a plan for an entirely different business idea and has never been awarded more than $10,000 by the QEC.
  • Participants competing from outside of Canada acknowledge that they are personally liable for cross-border taxes and/or exchange rates on prizes awarded.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit all documents to submissions@theqec.com, including:

  1. Business plan document;
  2. YouTube link to video pitch (optiona);
  3. Document Used for Presentation in Video Pitch, if applicable.

Business plans are only to be submitted via e-mail. If a participant has an issue with this, they must contact their respective competitor coordinator (contact information is available on www.theqec.com/competitors) to discuss other submission arrangements. Under these circumstances, business plans must be submitted one week earlier to accommodate alternative submission methods.

Other Things to Note:

The Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition (QEC) will be conducted on January 20-22, 2023.

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