I offer 1-hour consulting calls in areas that I have extensive experience and knowledge.

You can learn a lot in an hour.

I’ve paid for consulting/coaching calls with experts in various fields, and the money was always well-spent. Because I was able to learn in one hour what might have taken me months on my own.

If you’d like to dramatically flatten your learning curve in the areas of business grants (or business funding more generally) or online business, I can help!

I offer 1-hour consulting calls in areas that I have extensive experience and knowledge.

What I Can Help You With

I have 20+ years’ experience across government and online business. Here’s exactly what I can help you with:

Grants Strategy

Over the course of thousands of hours of research, analysis, and consulting, I’ve developed expertise in grant programs in all sectors (government and otherwise). I can help you develop a grants strategy for your business or help with just about any other aspect of grants.

Business Funding Strategy

My current interest is the wider universe of business funding (besides grants). There are literally thousands of funding programs available to Canadian businesses, including attractive loan programs, tax credits, and much more. I can help you develop a comprehensive funding strategy for your business. (And make sure to check out my Ontario business funding guide.)

Online Business Strategy

Before pivoting full-time into the business funding niche, I spent ten years building and operating a portfolio of niche websites that were monetized with ads, affiliate offers, and information products.  If you’re interested in starting or growing an online business, I can help you develop a strategy, or advise you on traffic (SEO) or monetization (affiliate marketing or developing information products). 

How it Works

Book a time and make payment

You’ll receive an email confirming the time and asking what topic(s) you’d like to discuss on the call.

We chat via zoom



per hour

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for consulting calls. Once our call is over, I can’t get my time back 🙂

About Moe

My Background:

  • 10 years working for the Canadian federal government in Ottawa in various departments. During that time I worked on web strategy, digital marketing, and performance measurement for various programs
  • Online entrepreneur for the past 10+ years. My specialty is using advanced online research techniques to find gaps in online markets, and creating niche websites to fill those gaps. I’ve built and scaled websites from zero to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month (my record: from zero to 200k visitors per month in less than a year). I’ve built, grown, and sold dozens of niche websites this way.