Indigenous Services Canada Funding: Guide for Business Owners

This guide for business owners covers current Indigenous Services Canada funding programs, including non-repayable contributions, and other types of financing for entrepreneurs.

This is our dedicated “hub” page for Indigenous Services Canada funding programs. We’ll continuously update this page to reflect changes in programs – so bookmark this page and check back often for updates!

Indigenous Services Canada Mandate

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) works collaboratively with partners to improve access to high quality services for First Nations, Inuit and Métis. ISC’s vision is to support and empower Indigenous peoples to independently deliver services and address the socio-economic conditions in their communities.

Indigenous Services Canada Priorities

The Department’s priorities include:

  • Transferring control of services to Indigenous partners,
  • Championing a culturally appropriate and high-quality service approach,
  • Transforming our practices and
  • Nurturing an engaged, respectful and healthy workforce.

You can learn about Indigenous Services Canada’s priorities by reading its Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025.

Types of Funding Indigenous Services Canada Offers

Indigenous Services Canada offers non-repayable contributions, and more.

Indigenous Services Canada Funding Programs

Below are links to the ISC’s specific programs:

Indigenous Services Canada Contact

Public Enquiries Contact Centre:

Phone: 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977

Click here for a complete list of Indigenous Service Canada contact details and here if you’d like to check the list of its regional offices.

Indigenous Services Canada Social Media:


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