Niagara Region Business Funding: Guide for Business Owners

This guide for business owners covers current Niagara Region funding programs, including grants, tax rebates and other types of financing for entrepreneurs.

This is our dedicated “hub” page for Niagara Region funding programs. We’ll continuously update this page to reflect changes in programs – so bookmark this page and check back often for updates!

Niagara Region Mandate

The Niagara Region’s vision is to be a mosaic of diverse communities. It strives to achieve a prosperous, safe and inclusive community that embraces its natural spaces and promotes holistic wellbeing and quality of life.

Niagara Region will serve its residents, businesses and tourists through collaborative leadership, responsible policy and the provision of effective and efficient community-focused services, while maintaining environmental and economic sustainability.

Niagara’s economic development mandate is to provide local perspective, guidance and expert strategic advice to the Niagara Region Economic Development Department on policies, procedures and initiatives.

Niagara Region Priorities

You can learn about Niagara Region’s priorities by reading its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

Types of Funding Niagara Region Offers

The Niagara Region offers financial incentives, including grants, tax rebates, and more.

Niagara Region Funding Programs

Below are links to the Region’s financial incentives:

  • Reduction of regional development charges:
    • Cleaning up and redeveloping contaminated and underused industrial and commercial properties.
  • Refund / grant of regional development charges:
    • All Development 5 or More Storeys 6 of 8
    • Commercial Development Under 5 Storeys
    • Main Street’/Commercial Corridor Development Under 5 Storeys
  • Vacant Properties (tax rebates)
  • Farmland Awaiting Development (tax discounts)

Niagara Region Contact

Niagara Region Headquarters:

1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way
P.O. Box 1042
Thorold, ON L2V 4T7

Phone: 905-980-6000
Toll-free: 1-800-263-7215
(Canada only)

Niagara Region Social Media:


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