League of Innovators: Funding Programs & More

This guide for business owners covers current League of Innovators funding programs, including potential access to venture funds or investments, and accelerator programs for entrepreneurs.

This is our dedicated “hub” page for League of Innovators funding programs. We’ll continuously update this page to reflect changes in programs – so bookmark this page and check back often for updates!

League of Innovators Mandate

The League of Innovators’  vision is to bring youth out-of-the-box experiences that will build and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. Building their confidence, empowering them to create and take charge of their future, and recognize the power that they hold as innovators and entrepreneurs in our ever-evolving economy. Ultimately its goal is to amplify the impact of future innovators and entrepreneurs while shortening their path to success.

League of Innovators commits to develop entrepreneurial acumen at scale and across regions. It champions the dynamic contribution and forward-thinking of young entrepreneurs. It builds future-proof skills through an entrepreneurial mindset and a social purpose.

Types of Funding League of Innovators Offers

The League of Innovators offers financial incentives, including potential access to venture funds or investments. It also offers accelerator programs.

League of Innovators Funding Programs

Below are the links to Organization’s financial incentives:

League of Innovators Contact

League of Innovators:

5 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1R6

Phone: +1 (250) 883-2389
Email: info@theleagueofinnovators.com

League of Innovators Social Media:


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