Canada Media Fund – Convergent Stream: First Come, First Served Programs: POV Program (French round 2)


The POV Program is designed to encourage one-off point-of-view (POV) documentary production. As part of the CMF’s Convergent Stream, projects funded must include content to be produced for distribution on at least two platforms, one of which must be television.

Comments on Funding:

Funding will take the form of licence fee top-ups and equity investments according to a set formula.
The first CMF contribution to the Eligible Project will be in the form of a licence fee top-up. This contribution may reach a maximum of 20% of the Project’s Eligible Costs.
Amounts in excess of 20% of the Project’s Eligible Costs will be in the form of an equity investment up to 29% of Eligible Costs. The CMF considers any eligible equity investment request of less than $100,000 too small for equity participation. Such requests will be automatically converted to a licence fee top-up.


“The applicant must be either:

  • a company that:
    a) is a for-profit (i.e., a taxable Canadian corporation, within the meaning of Canada’s Income Tax Act) production company.
    b) is Canadian-controlled as determined in sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act;
    c) is in good standing with all applicable talent and industry associations and guilds;
  • or a Canadian Broadcaster, such as:
    a) a Canadian programming undertaking, public or private, licensed to operate by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC);
    b) an online service owned, controlled and operated by a Canadian CRTC-licensed programming undertaking;
    c) an online service owned, controlled and operated by a Canadian broadcasting distribution undertaking (“BDU”), licensed to operate by the CRTC or CRTC-licensed VOD services.”

Applications Steps:

Applicants must:

Documentation Needed:

“Applicants must submit:

  1. a completed and approved dialogue broadcaster agreement form (BAF) linked to the application form for each Canadian broadcaster providing an eligible licence fee and/or a contribution from its 2022-2023 CMF performance envelope;
  2. a completed dialogue application form with persona-id # entered in the applicable sections;
  3. broadcast licence agreement(s) for all eligible licence fees;
  4. documentation confirming sources of financing – domestic and/or foreign;
  5. detailed calculation page(s) for federal and provincial tax credits;
  6. detailed production budget;
  7. projected cashflow;
  8. distribution agreements;
  9. financing agreements confirming financing commitments of 100% of the Project’s Eligible Costs;
  10. detailed marketing & promotion plan;
  11. detailed production budget;
  12. synopsis (document detailing the themes, subject matter and setting of the storyline);
  13. creative material (script, bible, treatment, outline, rundown);
  14. project description;
  15. description of the design and technology;
  16. summary of chain of title;
  17. all rights documentation (with all underlying rights agreements and signed writer(s) and director(s) agreements);
  18. co-production agreement(s) domestic or foreign;
  19. detailed cast and crew list including citizenship;
  20. C.V for all producer(s), writer(s), and director(s) and marquee elements;
  21. awards and festivals summary for producers/writers/directors (if applicable) (template available);
  22. letter(s) or email(s) supporting confirmed presence of marquee elements;
  23. declaration of the corporation’s Canadian status, and its shareholders and directors;
  24. certificate of incorporation of the applicant;
  25. corporate profile including company mandate for all applicants, co-applicants and parent companies, as applicable;
  26. shareholder’s or partner’s agreement (if applicable);
  27. corporate secretary’s certificate name the officers and indicate their signing authority;
  28. corporate financial statements for the past three years for all television component applicants, co-applicants and parent companies.”

Other Things to Note:

Due to high demand for the POV Program (French round 2), the CMF will no longer be accepting applications for this program.

Program Contact:


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    POV Program (French round 2) – Canada Media Fund

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