City of Cornwall – Heart of the City Program: Discretionary Municipal Tipping Fees Grant


The Discretionary Municipal Tipping Fees Grant provides developers a reduction in the cost of dumping nonhazardous waste at the municipal landfill site.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a grant for 50% of the assigned fee with a total dollar amount as determined by the City.


Applicants must be land owners upgrading or redeveloping properties in the central core, or “Heart of the City”.
These areas include the downtown business district (Pitt Street and adjacent roadways) along with the Le Village shopping district.

Applications Steps:

Application steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit with their application:

  1. the concept/design plans;
  2. any demolition contractor’s written estimates, specifically dealing with the tipping fee portion;
  3. copy of their most current tax receipt;
  4. a Letter of Authorization from the Registered Owner(s) MUST accompany this request indicating support for the subject Applicant(s) to proceed accordingly, if the Applicant(s) is not the Registered Owner(s) of the Property subject to this HOTC Program Application.

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