City of Toronto – Eco-Roof Incentive Program: Green Roof Structural Assessment Grant (SAG)


The Eco-Roof Incentive Program provides grants to support the installation of green roofs and cool roofs on Toronto homes and buildings. Additional funding is available to help offset the cost of a structural assessment to determine if an existing building can carry the additional weight of a green roof.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $1,000.


Applicants must:

  • carry on green roof projects only;
  • own existing buildings only;
  • hire a structural engineer licensed to work in the Province of Ontario;
  • complete a structural assessment before the green roof is installed. The structural assessment must evaluate the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof only (no additional elements such as decking, pool, furniture, etc.) 

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. the completed and compliant Eco-Roof application form;
  2. detailed plans of the proposal showing percentage coverage, plant material and type of growing medium and construction details;
  3. a copy of the maintenance plan as required in the Toronto Green Roof Construction Standard;
  4. detailed construction drawings/roof plan;
  5. 5-year maintenance contract or equivalent assurance;
  6. current photo of existing roof;
  7. a copy of the structural assessment report that evaluates the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof that meets the requirements of the Green Roof Construction Standards;
  8. a copy of the paid invoice for the structural assessment.

These two supporting documents (7 and 8) must be submitted with Eco-Roof Incentive Program application before the green roof is installed.
If the structural engineer determines that the building cannot support the additional load of a green roof, the applicant is not required to install a green roof, but is still eligible for SAG funding.

Program Contact:

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

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