College and Community Innovation Program – Engage Plus Grants – NSERC (2022)

  • This program is currently closed.


Engage Plus Grants are meant to further developments from an ongoing or recently completed Engage Grant project, or to continue the project while seeking longer-term support.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $12,500.The industrial partner must contribute cash to the direct project costs in an amount at least equal to the amount requested from NSERC.


The applicant must:

  • Work at a Canadian college that has been declared eligible to administer grants by NSERC, CIHR and/or SSHRC,
  • Propose a project across the spectrum of natural and social sciences, engineering, humanities or health.
  • have recieved an Engage grant and apply for an Engage Plus grant to further developments from an ongoing or recently completed Engage Grant project, or to continue the project while seeking longer-term support;
  • must involve in the project the same college and the same industrial partner. Additional academic and industrial participants can be included in the Engage Plus project, provided that the original Engage Grant team remains in place and continues to participate in the Engage Plus project.

Eligible partners are (fewer than before, 5 instead of 6):

  • Canadian public or private for-profit companies, including start-up companies,
  • Multinationals with significant business operations in Canada,
  • Industrial associations, producer groups or formal consortiums in Canada,
  • Public utilities in Canada,
  • Government-owned organizations, including Crown Corporations, in Canada,

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  • A proposal
  • A letter of support from the company involved in the project,
  • A summary of the progress achieved within the original Engage project as well as a clear explanation of the goals of the Engage Plus Grant and their relationship with the results obtained to date,
  • Form 103CV (form-fillable) – CCI Personal Data Form and instructions,
  • Form 103 – Application for the CCI Program
  • Form 183A – Information Required from Organizations participating in Research Partnerships.

Other Things to Note:

As the CCI program is currently being redesigned to simplify, streamline and address the changing dynamics of applied research in colleges and communities across Canada, the last day to submit an application for Engage will be December 15, 2021, or until the remaining funds (up to $1 million) have been spent. A limit of up to two awards per college is being imposed to manage demand. The current suite of CCI program opportunities will be transitioned to the new grant types over the coming months. These new grant types will be launched in phases, starting with the Mobilize grants to be launched in December 2021.

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