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Type of Program:



The Export Pilot Program strives to help fund Development activities for Television projects intended for international markets. The Program focusses on acquiring pre-sale financing from foreign broadcasters, online streaming services, distributors and sales agents during the Development period of a Television project’s lifecycle.

Comments on Funding:

Funding will be no more than 75% of total eligible costs or maximum $75,000 (the lesser of).

When It Ends:



2021-2022 dates to be announced


Applicants must be:

  • For-profit production company
  • Is Canadian-controlled as determined in sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act
  • Have its head office in Canada.
  • in good standing with all applicable talent and industry associations and guilds.

Applications Steps:


Complete all documentation and submit it on the CMF portal.

Documentation Needed:

  • Original Work
  • Television Component Synopsis
  • Creative Material
  • Pitch Materials and Promotional Plan
  • Rewrite proposal (as applicable)
  • Marketing
  • All financing agreements
  • Signed and dated budget
  • Clean and complete chain of title for the Television Component, including: Written summary of the complete development history
  • All Rights Documentation
  • Publisher’s release
  • Writer(s) agreements
  • Co-production and/or joint venture agreement(s)
  • C.V. for all Producers(s), Writer(s), and Director(s)
  • Complete incorporation documents
  • Corporate Profile
  • Shareholder’s or partner’s agreement
  • Signed and dated directors and shareholders CMF form
  • Corporate secretary’s certificate
  • Corporate financial statements for the past three years must be provided for all Television Component Applicants, Television Component Co-Applicants and Parent Companies. Notwithstanding the below requirements, the CMF reserves its rights to request from the Television Component Applicant(s), at any time and at the CMF’s absolute discretion, consolidated and audited annual financial statements

Other Things to Note:

Hungry Eyes Media Inc. - financed through this program.
2020 deadline: December 04, 2020

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