Type of Program:



The Industry Events component supports market development opportunities for Canadian artists and music entrepreneurs by subsidizing music conferences, educational initiatives, digital initiatives, research papers and award shows in Canada. Successful projects must demonstrate strategic value towards the success of Canadian artists and music entrepreneurs in the national and/or global marketplace.

Comments on Funding:

Funding under this component is up to 75% of eligible budget to an annual limit of $200,000. Recipient Accessibility Support Fund: FACTOR grant recipients are eligible for top-up support to their project funding of up to $5,000 each fiscal year, not to exceed $5,000 per project for costs related to accessibility. Eligible costs claimed under this fund will be reimbursed at 100%. FACTOR’s contribution plus any other public funding cannot exceed 100% of the project’s total eligible budget.

When It Ends:



Rolling deadline


Applicant must:

  • Incorporated Applicants must be Canadian-owned and controlled.
  • Not-for-profit associations must be governed by a majority Canadian Board of Directors, membership must be over 50% Canadian, and their principal business purpose is central to the career development of Canadian music artists.
  • The event or project must have been operating for at least two years prior to the date of application; or, for new or first-time projects, the Applicant must show at least two years of significant and related experience necessary to undertake a project of that nature.
  • Copyright collectives, funding organizations and charities are ineligible.

Eligible activities/projects:

  • an event featuring multiple artists with whom you have no business relationship;
  • a large & established music industry conference or festival;
  • a large & established workshop series or business training program for music industry professionals;
  • projects involving showcase performances, professional development, or networking for the music community with no creation of sound recordings or artist assets;
  • a showcase with export-ready artists and international delegates.

As a condition of funding, you must also provide the appropriate logo and acknowledgment in your production, and on any press and marketing materials, promotional items, and audio-visual materials produced under this program.

Application Step:


Submit a one-page Letter of Intent to Factor at least five months prior to start date and receive permission from FACTOR to apply if a first-time funded project applicant. 


Once the Letter of Intent has been approved or project is recurring, applications are due at least 3 months before project start date.


Create and submit on Factor online system: a User Profile ((log-in data) and an Applicant Profile (data of the person or the company who will be legally and financially responsible for the funded project). 

No Application will be considered until the Artist Profile or Applicant Profile has been verified and given a Rating. Applicants are advised to ensure that the Artist Profile(s) and Applicant Profile have been created, submitted, and given a Rating well in advance of any deadline.

Documentation Needed:

  • A proposal that includes the event’s details, history, projected audience, and a discussion of the specificoutcomes that are expected to be generated for the participating artists and music entrepreneurs;
  • A list of participating artists or music entrepreneurs. If participating artists/music entrepreneurs are not confirmed at the time of submission, a projected list may be provided, with unconfirmed artists and speakers noted as such. If participants are not confirmed at the time of submission, past programming may be attached. Proof of artist participation (signed offers/email correspondence) may be requested.
  • A budget detailing all expenses and revenue streams for the project; and
  • Supporting documents that demonstrate the potential success of the project or event in relation to the program’s objectives, and could include a marketing plan, statistics or documentation from previous events, letters of support from participating members of the music community, etc. (previous: optional supporting documents...)


In 2021 program guidelines were released in April 2021.

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