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“Funding under the Marketing component can be used to support a range of activities in the marketing and promotion of a qualifying album. FACTOR-funded full-length sound recordings are qualifying albums.
All Comprehensive Artist applications must include the creation or (for record label applicants) the licensing of a new, previously unreleased qualifying album.”

Comments on Funding:

Funding under this program is divided into two phases:
1.  For the first phase of the project, funding is up to 50% of the eligible budget components, as detailed in the guidelines, to a maximum of $82,500.
2.  For the second phase of the project the applicant may receive an additional funding of up to $40,000, provided that the funded sound recording has met the qualifying threshold (unit sales, streams, and radio activity) for the genre.
Under the Sound Recording component applicants may request recording costs or licensing costs. If the request is for a license fee, licensing fees will be capped at $60,000/FACTOR contribution of $45,000.
Recipient Accessibility Support Fund: FACTOR grant recipients are eligible for top-up support to their project funding of up to $5,000 each fiscal year, not to exceed $5,000 per project for costs related to accessibility. Eligible costs claimed under this fund will be reimbursed at 100%.


  • Canadian Artists rated 3, Canadian record labels rated Approved, 2, 3, 4 provided the artist is rated 3, MEC-supported companies and Recipients of Envelope Funding provided that the artist is rated 3*.
  • The artist must be Canadian.
  • Artists who have ever had Music Canada Platinum Album Certification in Canada, and/or worldwide sales of any one album of 100,000 units or more, and/or worldwide sales of all album releases equaling 200,000 units or more (including stream-equivalent albums per Music Canada Certification process) might be considered exceptions for program eligibility by FACTOR’s Board of Directors.
  • Only the party that controls the Canadian commercial release rights and exclusive Canadian exploitation rights to the sound recording at the time of application may apply.

Applications Steps:

Applicants must:

  1. create a user profile on the FACTOR application platform;
  2. create an applicant profile (of the individual, partnership, or corporation that will enter into a general agreement with FACTOR if funding is offered);
  3. create an artist profile (an artist profile provides FACTOR with a snapshot of the artist’s music career thus far. This helps FACTOR determine artist profile ratings and program eligibility);
  4. create a project and choose the project components;
  5. fill and validate the application.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  • a budget and/or complete project details online each time applicants apply for a component of their project, and to describe the goals, expected results, and timelines for completing each component and the project as a whole.
  • a void cheque from their bank account;
  • a detailed marketing plan for the proposed sound when applying for marketing support.
  • All applications must include the documentation for the Sound Recording component. Applicants may apply for any other component funding at the same time as the Sound Recording, or after the sound recording is approved.

Other Things to Note:

  1. Applicants are obligated as a condition of funding to include the appropriate logos and acknowledgment in all materials created in a FACTOR-funded project. Please review the Logo and Acknowledgment Guide for specific instructions. Remember, the failure to provide appropriate logos and acknowledgment could result in a loss of some or all your funding.
  2. In 2022 the program guidelines for 2022-2023 were published April 2022.

Program Contact:

Comprehensive Artist


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