Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program (FACTAP) – Fisheries and Oceans Canada (2022)


The Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program encourages Canadian fisheries and aquaculture industries to reduce the potential environmental impacts of their activities. This is done by implementing clean technologies and measures.

The program offers funding to assist 2 types of eligible participants:

  1. commercial fisheries or aquaculture producers wishing to purchase and install existing, off-the-shelf clean technologies, processes and sustainable practices into their day-to-day operations;

  2. existing aquaculture producers wishing to pilot and test new late-stage innovative technologies, systems or processes (Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 7 to 9 only).

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to 75% of the project eligible project costs (maximum of $1.0 million per year). The remaining 25% or more of the project’s funding can be made up of a combination of non-DFO sources but must include a minimum of 10% cash commitment by the applicant.


Applicants must be:

  • Currently active in, or support activities related to, the fish and seafood sectors, including: wild capture fisheries, fisheries aquaculture, processing of fisheries products,
  • A commercial enterprise, including: companies, individuals (self-employed),
  • An Indigenous organization, such as: groups, associations, communities,
  • An industry or professional association,

Applications Steps:

Applicants must:

For complete project applications, a decision on funding will be provided within 90 business days of the receipt of the application and all required documentation supporting your proposal.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  • project proposal/ application form;
  • a letter of support from the lead provincial agency/ministry where the project is to take place;
  • unaudited financial statements for the 2 most recent fiscal years to demonstrate that they’re currently active or directly supporting the fish and seafood sectors.

Other Things to Note:

  1. FACTAP is a national contribution program. It’s investing $30 million over 6 years (2017 to 2023) to assist Canada’s fisheries and aquaculture industries in improving their environmental performance.
  2. Technology Readiness Levels:
  • TRL 7 – Prototype requiring real-world field testing; 
  • TRL 8 – Technology proven to work in a real-world operating environment;
  • TRL 9 – Technology/system proven in final form – commercialization ready.

Program Contact:

Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program (FACTAP)

Apply to the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program:


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