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Type of Program:



The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) provides income support for employed or self-employed individuals who are not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI).

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $1,000 ($900 after taxes withheld) for a 2-week period and applicants may apply for a maximum of 13 periods.

When It Ends:



December 23, 2021


Applicants must meet all the following conditions for the 2-week period they are applying for:

  • be employed or self-employed individuals ;
  • have not been employed or self-employed for reasons related to COVID-19, or must have had a 50% reduction in their average weekly income compared to the previous year due to COVID-19;
  • not have applyied for or received any of the following: Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB), Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB), short-term disability benefits, Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, Québec Parental Insurance, Plan (QPIP) benefits;
  • not be eligible for EI benefits;
  • reside in Canada;
  • have been present in Canada;
  • be at least 15 years old;
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN);
  • have earned at least $5,000 in 2019, 2020, or in the 12 months before the date they apply from any of the following sources: employment income (total or gross pay), net self-employment income (after deducting expenses), maternity and parental benefits from EI or similar QPIP benefits;
  • have not quit their job or reduced their hours voluntarily on or after September 27, 2020, unless it was reasonable to do so;
  • have been seeking work during the period, either as an employee or in self-employment;
  • have not turned down reasonable work during the 2-week period you’re applying for.

Applications Steps:


must confirm that they are currently registered with the CRA, set up direct deposit and check impact on their social assistance benefits (any provincial or territorial Social (Income or Disability) Assistance), before they apply;


may start applying on the first Monday after the 2-week period they are applying for has ended, including up to 60 days after the period has ended. Applications do not renew automatically;


must apply for each period separately. They can apply for a maximum of 13 periods out of the total 26 periods available between September 27, 2020 and September 25, 2021. The 13 periods do not have to be taken consecutively.


must apply online through CRA My Account or by phone

Documentation Needed:

Employee applicants might be asked to provide:

  1. 1
    recent pay slips;
  2. 2
    employment verification letter, including salary, if accessible online;
  3. 3
    record of Employment;
  4. 4
    bank statements showing name, address, and payroll deposit.

Self-employed applicants might be asked to provide:

  1. 1
    invoice for services rendered that includes: the service date, who the service was for, the name of the individual or company;
  2. 2
    receipt of payment for the service or services provided (a statement of account or bill of sale showing a payment and the remaining balance owed);
  3. 3
    documents showing income earned from a "trade or business" as a sole proprietor, an independent contractor, or a partnership;
  4. 4
    any other document that will confirm they earned $5,000 in employment or self employment income.

Applicants that receive provincial or federal benefits related to maternity or parental leave, might be asked to provide:

  1. 1
    statement of benefits;
  2. 2
    bank statements showing, name, address, and benefit deposit.

Other Things to Note:

The CRB closed to retroactive applications on December 23, 2021. You can no longer apply for this benefit.

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Maurice (Moe) Muise learned the ins-and-outs of government while an employee of the Government of Canada in Ottawa for 10 years. His current focus is helping small businesses in Ontario to identify and maximize government grants to grow their business.
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