Indigenous Services Canada – Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital (2022)


This program promotes entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities and seeks to increase the number of viable Indigenous-owned businesses. The program has 2 components: access to capital and business opportunities.

The Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital provides Indigenous businesses with access to non-repayable contributions of up to $99,999 for: supporting eligible business proposals and leveraging additional funds.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $99,999 in the form of non-repayable contributions. The amount of funding available for a business proposal depends on its scope and its estimated budget.


Eligible recipients include:

  • First Nation and Inuit communities and their governments, including tribal councils;
  • Indigenous individuals;
  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and associations, except those with charitable or religious purposes;
  • businesses owned and controlled by Indigenous peoples;
  • Canadian owned and controlled banks, credit unions and trust companies authorized to make commercial loans and are provincially or federally regulated;
  • private equity providers;
  • provincial or federal crown corporations;
  • municipal governments;
  • labour organizations;
  • universities;
  • colleges; and
  • other learning institutions.

Eligibility varies between AFIs. Consult with your local AFI to see if you are eligible.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants should contact their local AFI to find out the needed documentation.

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