AI-Powered Supply Chains Supercluster Industry-led Projects (2022)


Scale AI’s Industry-led Projects provide funding for projects that can accelerate the adoption and commercialization of AI for supply chains.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to 50% of expenses for approved projects that target the adoption or commercialization of AI for supply chains.

There is no minimum or maximum investment allocated per project.
For those projects that are selected, a predefined portion of eligible project expenses are reimbursed on a quarterly basis.


The applicant must:

  • be members of SCALE.AI (membership applications can be submitted online).
  • be companies across a range of industries that are deploying AI to enhance their supply chain, including;
  • consumer goods and retail;
  • industrial goods and manufacturing;
  • transport and logistics;
  • healthcare;
  • infrastructure and construction.
  • have projects that contribute to SCALE.AI strategic objectives, such as AI adoption and the commercialization of AI-based products;
  • have innovative, collaborative projects ( have multiple participants (SMEs, one post-secondary or research institutions) and involve at least one SME, and have applicant CEO or executive endorsement) that are leveraging AI to help make supply chains more intelligent and more efficient, such as:
  • supply chain operators,
  • supply chain solutions providers,
  • AI and digital technology providers.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  • Their proposal for review
  • The detailed project proposal
  • The signed project agreement, after ratification by the SCALE.AI board.

Program Contact:

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