Mitacs Accelerate International


Mitacs Accelerate International supports bilateral research collaborations between interns, universities, and industry partners, both in Canada and abroad. Interns at Canadian universities can undertake projects in Mitacs’s partner countries. Interns from Mitacs’s partner countries can undertake projects in Canada.

Comments on Funding:

Funding starts at $ 15,000 and the financial contribution of the partner organization starts at $ 7,500.

When It Ends:



Rolling deadline


Eligibility criteria:

  • Full-time graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Mitacs’s partner countries.
  • Professors who want to send interns to Canada must be located in a Mitacs partner country.
  • Applicants can be from all academic disciplines.
  • For-profit businesses operating outside Canada.

Accelerate International projects can be undertaken in the following Mitacs partner countries and regions:

  1. Argentina;
  2. Brazil;
  3. Chile;
  4. China;
  5. Colombia
  6. European Union:
    a) France;
    b) Germany;
    c) United Kingdom;
    d) Travel to other EU countries only where projects are a part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) RISE program.
  7. Hong Kong;
  8. India;
  9. Israel;
  10. Japan;
  11. Korea;
  12. Macao;
  13. Mexico;
  14. Norway;
  15. Singapore;
  16. Taiwan;
  17. Tunisia;
  18. United States.
  19. and more…

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit their completed proposal package at least 16 weeks prior to the planned start date. A complete internship application package must include the following:

  1. The proposal completed and signed by all parties in Word format:
  • The Mitacs Accelerate Memorandum (Section 7) with signatures must be submitted as a scanned PDF;
  • Appendix A – Accelerate Intern Consent Form signed;
  • Appendix B – Accelerate International in addition to this entire application;
  1. Intern(s) CV (Any format is allowed. A CV template is available on the Mitacs website);
  2. Lead Academic Supervisor’s CV for each participating academic institution only for projects with 6+ IUs (CCV as per Tri-Council or other CV format);
  3. Accelerate budget and invoicing schedule (Excel spreadsheet);
  4. Any supplementary documents (as applicable).
  5. International Pre-Departure Form and Code of Conduct and Ethics form may be forwarded to Mitacs after the application submission; however, funds cannot be released and the internship may not begin until Mitacs receives these forms;
  6. Indemnity Agreement (as applicable) *Please contact your Business Development representative to find out whether this document is required.
  7. Visit the Accelerate International website to determine if there is any additional required documentation for the country applicants intend to work with. 

* An incomplete application or a modified form will result in a delay in the proposal evaluation process.

Completing their internship – Deliverables for projects involving international travel:

  1. Final report template [zip];
  2. Exit survey from the intern (survey link will be emailed within the first month of completion of the internship);
  3. Exit survey from the professor (survey link will be emailed within the first month of completion of the project);
  4. Exit survey from the partner organization (survey link will be emailed within the first month of completion of the project). 

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