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The Canvassing program supports the movement of music professionals for the development of new markets on the national and international scene.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $10,000. The aid may not represent more than 50% of the accepted costs or of the actual eligible costs, if these prove to be lower.


The applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Record company or producer of sound recordings: barring exceptions, the applicant must have released two sound recordings in the two years preceding the application;
  • Manager: barring exceptions, the applicant must be the agent authorized to negotiate international licensing, sub-publishing or distribution agreements for two albums marketed in Canada by its artist(s);
  • Show producer: Barring exceptions, the applicant must hold show production contracts with at least two artists whose albums have been released in Canada in the two years preceding the application;
  • Publisher: Barring exceptions, the applicant must have published at least twenty-five Canadian titles marketed in Canada, including eight during the twelve months preceding the application;
  • Event or organization in Quebec and the Canadian Francophonie supported under the Collective Initiatives component;
  • Non-profit professional association working in the musical field;
  • Distributor: be recognized by Musicaction;
  • Editor.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The request must be submitted before departure. However, Musicaction cannot confirm the admissibility of the request before the Applicant’s departure if it is submitted within 20 days of the scheduled departure date.
  • The applicant and his representative referred to in the application must be Canadian.
  • The sound recordings in support of the application must comply with the Canadian and Francophone content standards. They must also be subject to recognized physical or digital distribution by Music action or be licensed with a record company having a contract with a recognized physical or digital distributor.
  • The applicant must have at least three professional meetings confirmed when submitting the application, with the exception of travel related to a recognized professional event, for which the confirmation of the three meetings may be made upon completion of the project.
  • Barring exceptions, canvassing in Canada must take place in a province or territory other than the applicant’s place of residence.
  • As a general rule, only one representative of a company is admissible per trip. The representative must be a shareholder, director or permanent employee of the applicant.
  • The applicant must not be in payment default.
  • If the applicant is a company, it must provide all the documents required to constitute or update a master folder, in particular financial state meeting the standards in force concerning the financial statements. In addition, if this company is linked to two or more associated Canadian artists, it must complete the Musicaction Company Profile form, which will be an integral part of its master folder.
  • The same request cannot be filed with FACTOR and Musicaction.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit the following in support of the application:

  1. The Declarations tab of the duly signed form;
  2. Confirmation of the three meetings, only when required by the administration;
  3. The contracts for the two sound recordings marketed in Canada in the two years preceding the application, if applicable;
  4. The list of the twenty-five titles marketed in Canada and eight titles marketed in the year preceding the request (title of the work, names of authors, composers and performers, recording label, date of marketing, percentage of Canadian content), if applicable;
  5. Management contracts relating to the artists represented; and
  6. A copy of airline tickets when available at the time of application if applicable.
    Any incomplete application will be deemed inadmissible and returned to the applicant.

Filing Completion:

  1. The applicant must, no later than two months following the trip, submit by email to , its completion by completing the form in Excel format sent when the project is accepted. This form includes a statement of income and expenses associated with carrying out the project, a summary table of each of the expenses incurred and an activity report;
  2. The applicant must also submit the following documents:
    a) Declarations tab completion of the duly signed form;
    b) A copy of the plane tickets, if they were not submitted on request;
    c) A copy of the letter of acceptance of any other source of income.
  3. Following the completion analysis, the applicant must submit a copy of all invoices and proof of payment selected and required by the administration;
  4. As a general rule, this first sample of coins corresponds to 50% of the lesser of these two amounts:
    a) The total expenses submitted, presented in the balance sheet;
    b) The total expenditure required to justify the total amount of the commitment, according to the percentage of expenditure covered by the program.
  5. For each inadmissible document, the corresponding amount is inadmissible and cut from the balance sheet. Other documents may then be required to reach the level of verification required and, depending on the case, it may reach 100% of the expenses submitted to the report;
  6. The originals of the invoices and proof of payment must be kept by the applicant for a period of five years following the end of the project and are due at any time;
  7. Accepted proofs of payment are:
    a) Cleared checks or check imaging;
    b) Copies of checks and bank statement showing the transaction;
    c) Internet payment and debit card: bank statement;
    d) Payment by credit card: monthly card statement.

Program Contact:

Démarchage | Musicaction

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