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The Music Video program’s objective is the production of music videos aimed at optimizing the offer and promotion of Canadian musical content. It is intended for all Canadian companies and artists linked to a recognized distributor who wishes to produce a music video for a piece in French vocal music or other music (world music, jazz, instrumental and classical).

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a maximum assistance per project of $15,000. The expenses can be covered at 100%, but the applicant cannot be in a situation of profit for the realization of his project.

A business or an individual has access to a maximum of $75,000 annually under this program, excluding assistance received under Individual Initiatives.


The applicant must be:

  • a self-producer artist;
  • an Artist of the Canadian Francophonie;
  • a company benefiting from a global funding envelope;
  • a record company;
  • a sound recording producer;
  • the person who owns the rights to exploit the sound recording in Canada. If it is an artist, it must be related to a recognized distributor by Musicaction.

Eligibility requirements – Aimed Sound Recording:

  • Ownership of the master tape must be Canadian;
  • The performer must be Canadian;
  • The project must have a distribution recognized by Musicaction;
  • The sound recording must be released within 18 months prior to the filing of the application. If it’s an EP, it must be released within 12 months of filing. The album or the EP can however be to appear at the latest 3 months following the acceptance of the request; and
  • If the recording project concerns a single title, it must be released within 3 months preceding the filing of the application or to be published no later than 3 months following its acceptance.

Eligibility requirements – Target part:

  • The covered part must meet Canadian content standards by satisfying at least two of the following conditions:
    a) M: The music is composed entirely by a Canadian;
    b) A: The music or lyrics are performed primarily by a Canadian;
    c) P: The musical selection is a live performance that is either recorded in its entirety in Canada or performed in its entirety in Canada and broadcast live in Canada;
    d) L: The lyrics are written entirely by a Canadian.
  • The targeted piece must have a minimum of 70% French-language content (i.e. 70% of the pieces or 70% of the timing), except for world, jazz, instrumental and classical music, which are eligible.

Eligibility requirements – Production:

  • The music video to be produced must also meet the following two criteria:
  • Direction: The music video’s director or production company is Canadian;
  • Facilities: Production facilities are located in Canada.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit the following required documents in support of the application:

  1. The Declarations tab of the form duly signed by the applicant;
  2. Contract with the director or with the production company of the music video;
  3. Quote from the music video production company;
  4. Text of the targeted piece and recording of it in mp3 format;
  5. Detailed synopsis with video treatment and visual atmosphere;
  6. Director’s CV;
  7. Achievements of the music video production company;
  8. If the applicant was not supported by the Canada Music Fund or the Radio Star Fund for this sound recording project: contract with the artist and distribution contract.
  9. An incomplete application will be deemed inadmissible and returned to the applicant.

Filing of completion:

  1. The applicant must, no later than six months following the acceptance of the project, submit by e-mail to the address , its completion by completing the completion part of the Budget-Bilan form transmitted upon acceptance of the project.
  2. This form includes a statement of income and expenses associated with carrying out the project, a summary table of each of the expenses incurred as well as the Completion Statements tab including questions to complete concerning the completed project.
  3. The applicant must at the same time send the following documents:
    a) The Declarations tab Completion of the duly signed form;
    b) A copy of the letter of acceptance from any other source of funding;
    c) A copy of the music video produced and the license for audiovisual reproduction.
  4. Following the completion analysis, the applicant must electronically submit a copy of all invoices and proofs of payment selected and required by the administration. As a general rule, this sampling of documents corresponds to 50% of the total expenditure submitted to the balance sheet. An applicant who benefits from the Annual Beneficiary Verification procedure at Musicaction or Fonds RadioStar will have this procedure applied to their various music video projects.
    5.The originals of the invoices and proof of payment must be kept by the applicant for a period of five years following the end of the project and are due at any time.
    Accepted proofs of payment are:
    a) Cleared checks or check imaging;
    b) Copies of checks and bank statement showing the transaction;
    c) Internet payment and debit card: bank statement;
    d) Payment by credit card: monthly card statement.

Other Things to Note:


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    The applicant has six months following the acceptance of the project to produce and broadcast the music video

    Program Contact:

    Vidéoclip | Musicaction

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