Musicaction – Musical Showcases: International Showcase and Tour Component


The International Showcase and Tour component aims to stimulate the programming of artists from the Canadian Francophonie, having, as a general rule, at least one sound recording marketed in their career, in foreign events offering them significant visibility. Priority is given to travel by artists selected as part of an event supported by the International Events program . This component also aims to support international tours as well as activities aimed at the development and adaptation of artists from the Canadian Francophonie in a target market.

Comments on Funding:

  1. Funding is up to 90% of accepted costs or actual eligible costs.
  2. The total amount allocated for the travel of a large number of artists within the framework of the same event cannot exceed $30,000 for all of them.
  3. The maximum assistance is $12,000 per trip for showcase activities. Also, The maximum eligible travel cost under this component may be increased by $3,000 when fees relating to the mandatory representative are requested for a maximum per trip of $15,000.
  4. The assistance of $12,000 per project is provided to promote the professional development of artists, their adaptation and, consequently, their integration into the industrial structure of the targeted territory.
  5. The maximum assistance of $21,000 per show tour’s trip is provided.


The applicant must be:

  • an artist of the Canadian Francophonie;
  • a manager;
  • a record company;
  • a show producer;
  • a Francophone artist from official language minority communities;
  • a Francophone artist from official language minority communities whose latest Francophone album or digital title project, marketed for less than 24 months as of March 31, has been supported by the Canada Music Fund, are automatically eligible for the Showcase program; artist who has released an unfunded sound recording, or who has an unfunded sound recording to come in the coming months, insofar as he has been selected as part of a project, tour or event supported by the Musicaction Foundation.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant and the artist targeted by the application must be Canadian.
  • The sound recording or digital titles project in support of the application must comply with the Canadian and Francophone content standards.
  • As a general rule, for a trip to a showcase funded under the International Events program, only one service will be considered for fees.
  • As a general rule, the tour must include at least five performances with three different broadcasters and take place over a maximum period of twelve days.
  • Ineligible Projects: Projects and any resulting promotional material may not contain any element of gross or gratuitous sexual violence or exploitation, may not be obscene, indecent, or pornographic as defined in the Criminal Code, and may not be hateful, defamatory or otherwise unlawful.
  • The applicant must not be in payment default.
  • If the applicant is a company, it must provide all the documents required to constitute or update a master folder, in particular financial state meeting the standards in force concerning the financial statements.
  • The same request cannot be filed with FACTOR and Musicaction.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit the following required documents in support of the application:

  1. The Showcase or Tour tab of the duly signed form;
  2. Show production, agency or management contract with the authorized representative, if applicable; and
  3. Letters of invitation with conditions of reception or contracts for the distribution of shows and the rental of rooms provided for on request.

Filing of completion:

  1. The applicant must, no later than 2 months following the trip, submit by email to, its completion by completing the form in Excel format sent when the project is accepted. This form includes a statement of income and expenses associated with carrying out the project, a summary table of each of the expenses incurred and an activity report;
  2. The applicant must also send all the following documents:
    a) The Showcase or Tour tab of the duly signed form;
    b) The signed certificates (seals and per diem) of the artist and the musicians. If an amount is paid as a per diem of more than $100 per day for a person, proof of payment is required; and
    c) Invoices and proof of payment for air transport.
  3. Following the completion analysis, the applicant must submit a copy of all invoices and proof of payment selected and required by the administration;
  4. As a general rule, this first sample of coins corresponds to 50% of the lesser of these two amounts:
    a) The total expenses submitted, presented in the balance sheet; and
    b) The total expenditure required to justify the total amount of the commitment, according to the percentage of expenditure covered by the program.
  5. For each inadmissible document, the corresponding amount is inadmissible and cut from the balance sheet. Other documents may then be required to reach the level of verification required and, depending on the case, it may reach 100% of the expenses submitted to the report;
  6. The originals of the invoices and proof of payment must be kept by the applicant for a period of five years following the end of the project and are due at any time;
  7. Accepted proofs of payment are:
    a) Cleared checks or check imaging;
    b) Copies of checks and bank statement showing the transaction;
    c) Internet payment and debit card: bank statement;
    d) Payment by credit card: monthly card statement.

Other Things to Note:

The Musicaction Foundation wishes to further support performers, mothers or fathers of a child aged 6 and under, in their national and international career development, by making eligible expenses relating to an accompanying person ( trice) entirely dedicated to the care of the child during a trip..

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