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Challenge Programs are meant to encourage the development of unique solutions to help solve Canada’s biggest challenges and seize new opportunities.
Previous challenges were:

  1. Autonomus Disinfection Robot Challenge;

  2. COVID-19 Rapid Response;

  3. Made Smarter: Strategic Supply Challenge;

  4. The Automotive Zero-Emissions Manufacturing Challenge.

Comments on Funding:

Check the details when a challenge is launched.


Check the eligibility for each challenge when launched.

Applications Steps:

Check the application steps for each challenge when launched.

Documentation Needed:

Check the documentation for each challenge when launched.

Other Things to Note:

  1. From time to time there are calls for application for specific challenges. Check their website for future challenges.
  2. As part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, NGen is launching a $50 million AI for Manufacturing (AI4M) funding challenge, this is currently open.
    a) There will be two rounds of funding submissions. The first submission deadline for the full funding proposal is December 7th 2022 and the deadline for the second round of projects is 28th February 2023.

Program Contact:

Challenge Programs

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