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The Artist-Presenter Collaboration Projects program is a pilot program that supports relationship-building between artists and presenters during the continued suspension of OAC’s Touring and Market Development programs. The program aims to develop the resiliency and sustainability of presentation in the arts sector by supporting collaborative partnerships between presenters, Ontario-based professional artists and arts organizations in all OAC-funded disciplines.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is:

  • up to a maximum of $30,000 for Focused impact;
  • up to a maximum of $30,000 for Sector impact.

When It Ends:

Intake opens approximately two months before the deadline


April 27, 2022
October 27, 2022 


The following are eligible as either the applicant or a partner:

  • Ontario-based professional artists;
  • Ontario-based independent curators and programmers;
  • Ontario-based ad hoc groups and collectives of professional artists or arts professionals (including arts presenters);
  • Ontario-based not-for-profit arts organizations (including arts presenters);
  • Ontario-based, Canadian-owned for-profit book or periodical publishers eligible for funding in OAC’s publishing programs;
  • Ontario-based not-for-profit Indigenous organizations, centres and councils (including presenters).

Applicants must have a history of working in or presenting a discipline supported by OAC: craft, dance, literature, media arts, multi and inter-arts, music, theatre or visual arts.

Projects in this program must be carried out through a collaborative partnership that includes at least two entities; partners must be confirmed at the time of application. The partnership must include:

  • the applicant (who submits the application and is responsible for the grant);
  • one or more eligible partners;
  • one or more presenters (with a history of acting as a presenter);
  • one or more Ontario-based professional artists, ad hoc groups, collectives or arts organizations other than the presenter(s).

Applications Steps:

Applicants must complete and submit an application in Nova, OAC’s online grant application system. They will be able to do this approximately two months before the deadline. Before applying, applicants must:


contact the program officer to discuss eligibility (new applicants only);


read the Guide to OAC Project Programs;


create or update their profile in Nova, OAC’s online grant application system.

Documentation Needed:

The application includes:

  1. 1
    basic information about the project;
  2. 2
    the applicant’s answers to application questions;
  3. 3
    project budget;
  4. 4
    a minimum one and maximum of two artistic examples. Each of the following is considered one example:
  • video (maximum 3 minutes),
  • audio (maximum 3 minutes),
  • ages (maximum 5 images),
  • manuscript (maximum 3 pages).
  1. 5
    Support documents:
  • letters of commitment from the key project partner(s) that outline why they want to be involved in the project and what they will contribute to it (mandatory),
  • CV, résumé or biography of key project participants (mandatory).

Other Things to Note:

The program replaces the suspended Market Development Travel Assistance program.

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