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Type of Program:



The Voucher for Innovation and Productivity program (VIP) supports the collaboration between Academia and Industry to solve an industry‐based problem and drive the commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP). The institution will leverage the unique skills and specialized infrastructure that is instrumental to streamline internal innovations and commercialization needs.

Mitacs Accelerate funds collaborative research between companies or not-for-profit organizations in all sectors, students and/or postdoctoral fellows, and professors at Canadian academic institutions.

Comments on Funding:

OCE funding is up to 50% of total eligible project costs and ranges from $20,000 to $150,000.
Mitacs funding is up to $7,5000 per intern per four- to six-month internship unit, with the Industry Partner Matching (Minimum) $7,500 per intern per four- to six-month internship unit.

When It Ends:



Rolling deadline


Applicant must:

  • be faculties from an Ontario university/research hospital eligible to hold Tri-Council funds;
  • have a SME for-profit industry partner:
  • incorporated in Ontario for a minimum of two years and with a valid CRA business number;
  • with a minimum od five full-time equivalent (FTE) employees in Ontario; is using or developing technology innovation or innovative processes for competitive advantage in provincial, national and/or global markets;
  • with operations and/or R&D in Ontario related to the project and capacity to apply, exploit and/or commercialize results of the project for the economic benefit of Ontario;
  • in good financial and reporting standing with OCE.
  • with the necessary expertise and resources to put the project into effect within an appropriate timeframe.

Interns must be:

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or international students;
  • full-time graduate students, OR
  • Post-doctoral fellows (except those who have previously held a Mitacs Elevate award), with PhD granted no more than five years prior to the project start date.

The company's contributions to the Mitacs internship cannot be used as the same industry contribution in the OCE budget form. The company must provide a cash contribution of $7,500 in addition to the cash contribution required for the VIP project. Eligibility of not-for-profit partners and project economic orientation must be assessed by the Mitacs Business Development Manager prior to proposal submission.

Applications Steps:


The Industry Partner should connect with their Business Development Manager (BDM) to start the process towards initiating an application.


If new to OCE, the Industry Partner should complete the Program Enquiry Form to be connected with a Business Development Manager to discuss VIP eligibility and how to start the application process. 


 If the opportunity is selected as eligible and suitable for the program, the applicant will be sent an auto-generated link to OCE's online application system, AccessOCI, to complete the application. The application will remain open for 90 days.


The application must be completed jointly between the Industry Partner and the Research Partner.


The application including terms and conditions must be submitted (by either partner) to the post-secondary institution's Research Office for endorsement.


The Research Office must then submit the application to the OCE Business Development and Commercialization Manager (BDM) for final endorsement and submission. 

For Mitacs Accelerate-partnered projects, industry partner should send their contribution to Mitacs and Mitacs will release the funds to the post-secondary institution upon activation of the project by OCE. Applicants will be allowed to apply for more than one internship.

Other Things to Note:

Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE) changed name to Ontario Centers of Innovation (OCI).

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