Ontario Genomics – Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Coordination Hub


The Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Coordination Hub (KMIC Hub) is designed to support and maximize the impacts produced by a portfolio of selected Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICT) projects. The objective of this funding opportunity is to support a single pan-Canadian team that will develop and implement a portfolio-level knowledge mobilization and implementation plan for a current initiative or a funding opportunity.

Comments on Funding:

  1. Funding is up to $2.1 million available for the KMIC hub from Genome Canada. This includes up to $700,000 for the first phase and up to $1.4 million for the second and third phases.
  2. Co-funding at least equal to the Genome Canada contribution is required.
  3. There is a 100% co-funding commitment for the first phase at the time of the release of funds.
  4. The successful team will be awarded funding for a term of up to five years.
  5. Genome Canada will fund one pan-Canadian team.


The applicant (team) must:

  • be pan-Canadian with representation from at least three provinces.
  • be multidisciplinary and include representatives who have expertise, skills and knowledge in areas such as:
    a) Knowledge mobilization and implementation (e.g., implementation science, knowledge translation and exchange, knowledge brokering);
    b) Research (e.g., implementation science, GE3LS);
    c) Policy and regulation (e.g., shaping and influencing policy, understanding federal and provincial or territorial governments and processes);
    d) Stakeholder engagement and outreach (e.g., consultations, public engagement);
    e) Partnership development (e.g., the ability to identify, establish and maintain partnerships with public, private, non-governmental and academic sectors);
    f) Science communications and marketing;
    g) Economics and economic evaluation;
    h) Evaluation and measurement;
    i) Inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) and Indigenous knowledge and engagement;
    j) Climate and agriculture science (e.g., genomics in society, crops, livestock).
  • have a project which includes partner(s) from the public, community or private sector to facilitate the use and/or impact of the Initiative.
  • Project Leaders from the ICT teams cannot be Project Leaders of the Hubs. However, members of the ICT teams can be involved in the Hub team as co-applicants.
  • Specific eligibility requirements for each open Initiative or funding opportunity will be provided.

Applications Steps:

For more information and to discuss projects, potential applicants should contact Laura Riley, Manager, Sector Innovation and Programs, Ontario Genomics at lriley@ontariogenomics.ca.

Documentation Needed:

Check the documentation requirements for each challenge when launched.

Other Things to Note:

New Funding Opportunity – Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food System Initiative:

  • Registrations due at a Genome Centre December 2022 (Please check date with the applicant’s regional Genome Centre).
  • Full application due at a Genome Centre March 2023 (Please check date with the applicant’s regional Genome Centre).

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