Protein Industries Canada (PIC) – Technology Program


Protein Industries Canada (PIC) will co-invest in collaborative consortia that leverage strengths, address gaps and incent innovation across the value chain. Chosen projects will align to the four priority areas (create, grow, make and sell) and will demonstrate impact up or down the value stream.

Technology projects are focused on a value chain approach to collaborative innovation to encourage the development of new technologies and processes in each of the four Technology Pillars (Create, Grow, Make and Sell). Technology projects are the bulk of PIC’s investment. They must be industry-led and have specific selection criteria, including the participation of SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) in projects, matching industry dollars and having a private company as their lead.

Comments on Funding:

PIC will invest up to 50% of cash eligible costs of approved projects, through the amount the Supercluster invests in each project will depend on the proposed scope and impact.

PIC will reimburse consortia their portion of the investment once proof of eligible expenses has been submitted and reviewed. PIC may advance funds up to a maximum of $500,000 per consortium member, to a total maximum of $1 million per project at the beginning of a project to assist in initial costs. This advance counts towards PIC’s total reimbursement.


For a project to be considered eligible for investment, it must:

  • Be submitted by a consortium of at minimum two (2) PIC members, at least one of which is a SME as defined by Statistics Canada as a business with 499 or fewer employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues.
  • A consortium may include academic or research institution(s). This is not mandatory but is encouraged.
  • Two industry members are minimum for a consortium, but more are encouraged.
  • Each member of the consortium must contribute to the project in a meaningful way.
  • At least two members of the consortium must contribute financially to the project. PIC will reimburse up to 50% of eligible approved project costs. It will be up to the consortium members to determine the amount and nature of their respective contributions. The contribution of each consortium member does not need to be equal.
  • At least two partners must be Canadian companies or multi-national corporations who are legally entitled to do business in Canada with a significant Canadian business operation. Non-Canadian entities can participate in consortium, based on approval by Protein Industries Canada.
  • The project must be aligned with the objectives of Protein Industries Canada and the Innovation Supercluster Initiative.
  • All Projects are required to pay a project administration fee to PIC. This fee will be 4% of the total eligible reconciled project cost.
  • The initiative must be incremental to the regular business of the participating organizations, meaning that the project:
  • Is not approved nor in progress and that financial commitments to it are distinct from investments that would have otherwise occurred;
  • Would not be possible without the participation of consortium partners; and
  • Is new or would not be undertaken at the same scope or scale without the co-investment provided by the Supercluster.

PIC members:

  • Industry members: all Canadian companies, Canadian subsidiaries, or foreign companies that are for-profit businesses whose primary business is the agriculture and/or agri-food industry. Companies that provide financial investment, products or services to the industry, or use products and services from the industry are also eligible to be Members of PIC. Industry members are eligible to submit a project application and be a part of a project consortia.
  • Non-voting members: governments, associations, economic development organizations, business accelerators, not-for-profit entities, universities, colleges, research/technology centres, and other professional firms, banks, consultants. Non‑Voting Members may be a part of a project consortia and contribute to a project but cannot be the lead applicant.

Other Things to Note:

  1. PIC is an industry-led, not-for-profit, value-chain consortium created to position Canada as a global source of high‑quality plant protein and plant-based co-products. PIC will build on Canada’s strengths to substantially increase global market share in novel protein (and co-product) fractions, ingredients, food and feed products, and technologies, contributing to Canada’s economic growth and international trade balance. This will occur by mobilizing and enhancing Canada’s agri-food innovation capacity in support of industry driven market priorities and needs.
  2. PIC will invest more than a $150 million over four years. The funding will be split 20/20/40/20 between the four pillars (Create/Grow/Make/Sell).

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