Renewal Funds and InvestEco – Youth Impact Challenge (2022)


The Challenge encourages youth (16 – 25 years old) across Canada to organize into diverse teams of three or more and to submit a three-page project idea, that will address a social or environmental issue.

Comments on Funding:

The Youth Impact Challenge will:

  1. give out $1,000 for each of the top 40 teams;
  2. offer a grand prize(s) of up to $10,000;


Applicant must:

  • young people under the age of 25 (don’t need to be a student);
  • Canadian residents (permanent and non-permanent);
  • young people from all educational and professional backgrounds;
  • organized in teams of 3 or more;
  • proposing social and/or environmental impact projects.

Application steps:

Applicants must:

  1. Check out the educational opportunities, from a podcast series, workshops, networking and more;
  2. Submit a 1-3 page pitch for their organization or project making social and/ or environmental impact

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit a three-page project idea/ project plan.

Program Contact:

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