Sustainable Development Technology Canada – Start-Up and Scale-Up Funding


SDTC helps high-potential companies take that next leap and achieve market readiness by funding the development and demonstration of clean technologies. Start-up funding provides support to develop emerging innovations and reach applicant’s target market.
SDTC’s scale-up funding targets the needs of high-growth companies: those with growing revenues, a clear path to profitability and the potential to deliver significant environmental benefits in the short to medium term. Scale-up investments are meant to advance firms through early commercialization and market leadership.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a non-repayable contribution, on average 33% (up to 40%) of eligible projects costs. The average contribution is between $2 million and $4 million and the largest contribution typically goes to $10 million, with funds disbursed in five years or less.
25% of the eligible costs must be funded through private sector contributions (including in-kind).
Funding from all levels of government must not surpass 75% of eligible costs.
At least 50% of eligible project costs must be incurred in Canada.


The applicant must:

  • be a Canadian company with a defined project;
  • have a strong end-user value proposition;
  • have the potential to attract a consortia partner to validate the market need and;
  • have demonstrated environmental and economic benefits for Canadians.

Applications Steps:

Phase One: Application – Applicants must:

Phase Two: Due Diligence – Applicants must:

Phase Three: Funding Approved – Applicants must:


work with SDTC to prepare a Contribution Agreement (contract) to advance the project.


Guaranteed Government Grants

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    The multi-step process provides checkpoints and coaching as the application is evaluated. At every step of the process, SDTC will communicate with the applicants whether or not they will proceed with the application.

    Documentation Needed:

    Applicants must submit:

    1. their completed application;
    2. an annual questionnaire (that focuses on sales, revenues, jobs created and other commercial activities) so that SDTC can track the success in moving the applicant’s technology to market for five years post-project completion.

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