Telefilm Canada – Short-Term Compensation Fund for Canadian Audiovisual Productions

Comments on Funding:

The compensation provided will take the form of an indemnity equal to the total of eiligible costs indicated in subsection 5.1.1 (for an interruption) or subsection 5.1.2 (for an abandonment), less a deductible equal to the lesser of the following amounts: 15% of the said Eligible Costs; or $100,000.
The total compensation for an interruption in or abandonment of production, per project, shall not exceed the lesser of the following amounts:

  • $1.5 million; or
  • 20% of the total production budget submitted to Telefilm at the pre-eligibility application stage.

For a period of 48 months following a claim for abandonment, the applicant and their beneficiaries will be required to obtain the prior approval of Telefilm for any transaction involving, directly or indirectly, the project.
Applicants can file more than one claim for the same project. In such cases, the amounts of compensation offered by Telefilm are cumulative and subject to the limits indicated in subsections 6.1. Individual claims for losses of less than $5,000 in Eligible Costs are not admissible. However, where an applicant has several claims, and the total of which exceeds $5,000 in Eligible Costs, said claims are admissible.
The costs relating to the analysis of the claim are the responsibility of the applicant, even if the claim for compensation is refused in whole or in part. These costs will be deducted, where applicable, from the amount of compensation offered by Telefilm or, in the event of refusal of compensation, payable by the applicant upon receipt of an invoice from Telefilm to this effect.


The applicant must:

  • be a Canadian corporation eligible for the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC);
  • have and apply a COVID-19 safety plan in accordance with the current applicable sanitary requirements and ensure that the project and all its participants systematically comply with the sanitary safety measures throughout the filming in accordance with the standards currently in effect as required by the applicable authorities and keep such plan updated. Among other things, this plan must provide for the implementation of measures in situations where social distancing is not possible and identify a person responsible for its application;
  • hold all the copyrights in the project necessary for its development, production and exploitation, as well as the control of the project. In the case of a coproduction, the applicant must hold these rights and control the project in proportion to its participation in it.

Note: only one application for pre-eligibility will be processed per project. Therefore, in the case of national coproductions, the coproducers will be required to designate one coproducer from among them to submit the application.

Applications Steps:

There are two steps to the application process:

Applications must be submitted online.

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit:

  • the application for pre-eligibility must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • the attestation of and commitment to comply with the eligibility criteria;
  • proof of a comprehensive producers insurance policy and the applicant’s comprehensive general liability insurance policy for the project, including the names of the actors and directors covered;
  • the detailed final budget for the project, based on the standard budget template available on the STCF’s website;
  • in the case of national coproductions, the Applicant Designation Form duly completed by all the coproducers;
  • the production schedule;
  • the list of cast and crew; and
  • the list of the different filming locations.
  • the application for compensation accompanied by a letter from the project insurer confirming the denial of insurance coverage for the costs claimed. Furthermore, the applicant must clearly identify, among the costs claimed, which are Related Parties transactions.

Telefilm reserves the right to request any other document it considers necessary to process the application.

Other Things to Note:


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    The STCF will come to an end upon the occurrence of the earliest of the following events (“Fund Expiry Date”):
    • The implementation of a permanent alternative solution to cover interruptions in and the abandonment of filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the entire audiovisual industry;
    • Notice from the Federal Government;
    • The exhaustion or lapse of the budget envelope allocated to this Fund; or
    • March 31, 2022.

    Guidelines March 4, 2022

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