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Type of Program:



Toronto Arts Council’s TAC-CS Digital Solutions Incubator program provides funding to arts organizations and collectives to address organizational challenges using digital technology. This program was created through a partnership between TAC and The Creative School at Ryerson University (formerly the Faculty of Communications and Design) to encourage arts organizations to consider the creative possibilities unlocked by the use of technology and design thinking.

The partnership provides arts organizations with access to student expertise, to explore solutions to the challenges they face; the students receive practical, hands-on projects as part of the Ryerson Design Solutions Super Course. The Super Course is an educational experience that challenges students from different programs to work with external partners to conceive and develop solutions using a design thinking process. 

Comments on Funding:

The grant amount is $15,000. As a guideline, please plan for approximately $10,000 in fees for the project leads and $5,000 for any materials and expenses related directly to the project. This grant is not intended to fund office computers, production equipment or any general operating expenses.

A TAC Accessibility grant will provide up to a maximum of $5,000 towards accessibility costs for artists incurred during the project.

Applicants who are Deaf or have a disability and need support to complete their grant applications can apply for funds to cover the costs of assistance from Application Support Service Providers. Up to $500 is available per eligible applicant in each calendar year.  

When It Ends:

Intake opens two to three months before the submission deadline


April 14, 2022


Applicant must

  • be located in the City of Toronto. For collectives of two artists, both must be City of Toronto residents. For collectives of more than two artists, the majority of members must be City of Toronto residents.
  • be an incorporated non-profit arts organization or an unincorporated non-profit arts collective (individuals are not eligible for this program). A collective is defined as two or more artists working together under a group name, either on a single project (ad hoc) or on an ongoing basis. 
  • explore digital solutions to the challenges they face.

Artists must be professional. A professional artist is someone who has developed their skills through training and/or practice; is recognized as such by artists working in the same artistic tradition; actively practices her/his/their art; seeks payment for her/his/their work; and has a history of public presentation.

Applicants may receive a grant through the TAC-FCAD Digital Solutions Incubator only once every two years. Applicants who have already received or applied for both Discipline and Strategic Funding from TAC in 2021 are still eligible to apply to this program. If Ryerson faculty or staff (full or part-time) are employed by/members of the applicant's organization or collective, the applicant is not eligible to apply.

TAC has two distinct funding envelopes: 

  1. 1
    Arts Discipline funding (e.g. discipline-specific project grants and operating grants) and
  2. 2
    Strategic funding (e.g. Animating Historic Sites, Animating Toronto Parks, Artists in the Library, etc.). Eligibility exception: applicants are able to receive a grant from this program in addition to one other grant from the Arts Discipline envelope and one other grant from the Strategic funding envelope per calendar year. Applicants are not eligible if they have an outstanding final report in any other program within the Strategic funding envelope (e.g. Animating Historic Sites, Animating Toronto Parks, Artists in the Library, etc.).

Applications Steps:


contact Strategic Programs Manager, Liza Mattimore (416-392-6802 extension 231,, before applying.


register to Toronto Arts Council's online grant application system and submit their applications during the intake period. 

Programs are open to receive applications two to three months before the submission deadline. Applications remain available until 11:59:59 PM of the published deadline date. 

Documentation Needed:

Program guidelines will be added approximately 3 months before the deadline date.

Other Things to Note:

The TAC-CS Digital Solutions Incubator funds an 8-month experience between September and April.

The program is divided into two stages, corresponding with academic semesters.

  1. 1
    First Stage: From September to December, successful applicant organizations will work 10-15 hours a month, meeting regularly with a team of Ryerson Design Solutions Super Course 1 students to address their identified problem, with the aim of creating a prototype of the proposed solution. The prototype will be shared with the wider community during a “demo day” at The Creative School which the whole team will attend.
  2. 2
    Second Stage: From January to April, successful applicant organizations will continue on in one of two ways:
  • Design Solutions Super Course 2: Teams selected to continue with Super Course 2 will have a chance to further develop their prototype with The Creative School students. 
  • Self-directed: Teams may be asked to continue development of their prototype with a partner of their choosing or on their own, independent of The Creative School.

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