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The Long-Term Theatre Projects program provides three-year funding to mid-career and established professional, non-profit Toronto theatre organizations and collectives to develop and present a new work over an extended period of time that takes the project from its initial concept, through the creative process, to the presentation. The program aims to encourage artists to venture beyond the current scope of their work, and to provide theatre artists with committed resources that will facilitate the thorough development of their work.

Comments on Funding:

The set grant amount for Long-Term Projects is $45,000, which will be disbursed to grant recipients in three equal payments of $15,000 per year for three years.

A TAC Accessibility grant will provide up to a maximum of $5,000 towards accessibility costs for artists incurred during the project.

Applicants who are Deaf or have a disability and need support to complete their grant applications can apply for funds to cover the costs of assistance from Application Support Service Providers. Up to $500 is available per eligible applicant in each calendar year. 

When It Ends:

Accepting applications


March 15, 2022.


Applicants must:

  • be incorporated non-profit organizations or unincorporated collectives operating on a not-for-profit basis. A collective is defined as a group of two or more artists working together under a group name, either on a single project or on an ongoing basis.
  • have previously received at least two TAC Theatre Project Grants. Those belonging to TAC equity priority groups who don’t meet this criteria are encouraged to contact the program manager to determine their eligibility.
  • be located within the City of Toronto and the activity for which the funding is requested must occur within the City of Toronto. For collectives of two artists, both must be City of Toronto residents. For collectives of more than two artists, the majority of members must be City of Toronto residents.
  • be working with professional artists. A professional artist is someone who has developed their skills through training and/or practice; is recognized as such by artists working in the same artistic tradition; actively practices her/his/their art; seeks payment for her/his/their work; and has a history of public presentation.

Ad-hoc collective formed for the purposes of this project alone can apply but must be led by artists who have made a significant contribution to the development of new works (speak to the Program Manager about eligibility). Projects must include a performance of the work in Toronto to an audience, either as a co-production arrangement or an independent production. Multi and interdisciplinary projects with theatre rooted in the creation and presentation are eligible, as are national and international collaborations based in Toronto, as long as the majority of artists involved are Toronto-based.

Applicants may receive only one grant per calendar year through the Theatre program and may not apply to other TAC discipline programs. However, TAC offers other types of granting opportunities through its Strategic Initiatives envelope, and applicants may be eligible to apply to one of these programs. Long-Term Theatre Project grant recipients are not eligible to apply to any TAC discipline programs for three years until their project is completed.

Those who have completed their project and wish to reapply to the program with a new project must skip at least on application deadline before reapplying. For example, if your Long-Term Project grant is complete in 2021, you may not reapply to the program until 2023.

Applications Steps:


Applicants must register to Toronto Arts Council's online grant application system and submit their applications during the intake period.
Programs are open to receive applications two to three months before the submission deadline. Applications remain available until 11:59:59 PM of the published deadline date.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. 1
    an application,
  2. 2
    support material. Audio-visual support material must be submitted by providing links to an external website where your work has already been uploaded, such as Vimeo, YouTube, applicant's personal website, etc. Applicants can provide a maximum of three examples of their work (separately or within one clip) not exceeding a total of 10 minutes. Written support material must be uploaded in PDF format.

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