Toronto Arts Council (TAC) – Theatre Multi-Year Operating (2022)


The Theatre Program provides Multi-Year Operating support to professional non-profit theatre organizations engaged in the creation, production and presentation of theatre, and other activities that contribute to the development of theatre, theatre artists, and theatre audiences in Toronto. The program aims to encourage long-term vision and planning and to provide stability for theatre organizations.

Comments on Funding:

TAC does not fund 100% of an applicant’s budget and it does not provide funding for capital projects (e.g. equipment, renovations, purchase of buildings), fundraising events/projects or deficit reduction.

Exception: TAC funds may be used towards the purchase of equipment and software to achieve the goals of the organization during the COVID pandemic. This may include but is not limited to electronics, workspace materials and health and safety items.


Applicant must

  • be non-profit,
  • be a professional theatre organization,
  • be located in the City of Toronto and have a significant portion of their activities occurring within the City,
  • have been in operation for at least four years,
  • have received Annual Operating funding through TAC’s Theatre program for at least the two past years,
  • have a demonstrated record of regular, ongoing programming that provides support to professional theatre artists or theatre organizations in Toronto,
  • have a viable administrative structure, stable artistic, organizational and board leadership with plans in place for any transition, and sound financial management and balanced budgets over time,
  • be governed by a Board of Directors or other body responsible for the organization,
  • submit verification of financial results of the last completed fiscal year,
  • receive significant support on an annual basis from other levels of government and/or the public and/or the private sector.

Organizations may receive only one grant per calendar year through the Theatre program and may not apply to other TAC discipline programs. However, TAC offers other types of granting opportunities through its Strategic Initiatives envelope, and operating grant recipients may be eligible to apply to one of these programs.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. an application,
  2.  the verification of financial results of the last completed fiscal year:
  • for requests over $30,000, audited financial statements are required,
  • for requests of $30,000 or less, if annual operating revenues are $100,000 or more, a review engagement is required, (or, if available, audited financial statements),
  • for requests of $30,000 or less, if annual operating revenues are under $100,000, unaudited financial statements that include a balance sheet and a statement of income and expenses is required, (or, if available, audited financial statements or a review engagement).
  1. a copy of their financial statements.

All applicants may upload promotional materials produced by their organization in relation to its last year’s activities (e.g. brochures) and/or press clippings (maximum 6 pages). Accepted file format – PDF.

Applicants currently receiving TAC Multi-Year Operating support should not submit audio-visual material.

Other Things to Note:

Mid-Cycle Report deadline: April 4, 2022.

COVID Related Measures

The pandemic has widely disrupted the programming and organizational plans of organizations receiving operating grants. Efforts and capacities to continue or adapt activities and to plan for 2021-22 vary greatly from company to company. In order to support operating companies, the 2021 operating grant program provides two application options.

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