ventureLAB – Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund (EIF) – Stream Two: Small Businesses or Entrepreneurs

  • This program is currently closed.


Stream Two of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund program provides 7 qualified small businesses and entrepreneurs with $10,000 in funding solutions each to boost productivity and innovation across supply chains by leveraging AI.

Comments on Funding:

$10,000 in funding solutions.


Applicants must:

  • be small businesses or entrepreneurs;
  • be incorporated and based in Canada;
  • be operational in York Region, actively engaged and/or willing to engage with a York Region innovation partner for at least six months upon being awarded the funds;
  • have a venture size of 1-99 employees, minimum one business and one technical co-founder;
  • have a minimum viable product and/or be at the validation stage with initial customer traction;
  • have a product or solution that is aligned with the challenge areas, and directly or indirectly impacts supply chain management and logistical operations;
  • be a venture that has capabilities in AI, and is currently leveraging AI, or will be able to leverage AI, as a key technology component of their business;
  • be across all industries and sectors.

Other Things to Note:

  1. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund encourages innovation by fully supporting promising early stage start-ups, accelerators, incubators, and community partners. With an contribution of $100,000 from York Region, this fund will support further development in York Region and beyond.
  2. With an annual commitment of $100,000 from York Region until 2023, this fund will support further development of the innovation network in York Region.

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