City of Toronto – Capacity Buyback Program


The Capacity Buyback program encourages and rewards commercial and institutional organizations by:
1. offering a free water audit to help identify ways to reduce water use;
2. rewarding participants that implement permanent water-saving measures with a one-time cash rebate of up to 30 cents per litre of water saved per average day;
3. helping participants save money over the long-term with reduced water bills.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a one-time cash rebate of up to 30 cents per litre of water saved per average day


Applicants must:

  • be commercial and institutional organizations.
  • be located in the City of Toronto;
  • have a water account with the City; and
  • be classified as a commercial or institutional building according to tax records (e.g. office, retail outlet, hotel, hospital, warehouse, government, school, etc.) 

Water efficiency upgrades eligible under the program are:

  • cooling towers;
  • boilers;
  • refrigeration equipment;
  • food service equipment;
  • process equipment and other site-specific water-saving measures (i.e. grey water reuse, rain water harvesting systems).

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. the completed and signed Notice of Completion form PDF;
  2. a detailed technical report that includes:
  • water consumption profile for the site;
  • identification of water saving opportunities for existing equipment/processes; and
  • data to support water savings in each of the water efficiency measures described above.

Other Things to Note:

In 2020, an organization that reduces water use by 10,000 litres (10 m3) a day could receive:

  1. A free water audit;
  2. $3,000 one-time program incentive (10,000 L x $.30);
  3. $14,868 annual water bill savings (10 m3 x 365 x $4.0735, current water rate). 

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    Capacity Buyback Program

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