Futurpreneur Canada – Black Entrepreneur Startup Program: Quick Guide for Young Entrepreneurs


The Black Entrepreneur Startup is a program for Black entrepreneurs designed to provide startup loan financing and up to two years of mentorship, plus access to resources and networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs across Canada.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a startup loan financing from $5,000 to $60,000 (up to $40,000 of which is delivered by Futurpreneur, funded by RBC; and up to $20,000 loaned by BDC)eams

When It Ends:



Rolling deadline


Applicants must:

  • self-identify as Black and be Canadian citizens or permanent residents age 18-39;
  • be majority Black-owned business (> 50%), when there are only two partners (owners) of the applicant business;
  • be at least 25% Black-owned business(≥25%).When there are more than two partners (owners);
  • fit the following eligibility criteria:
    a) demonstrate some training/experience related to their business idea;
    b) create full-time sustainable employment for the applicant(s);
    c) agree to work with a mentor for up to two years;
    d) produce a complete and viable business plan by the end of the application process.
    e) be business fully operating for fewer than 12 months;
    f) agree to complete Futurpreneur Canada status updates every month;
    g) agree to provide authorization for Futurpreneur Canada to carry out a credit check;
    h) assure that the business is NOT in the research and development stage;
    i) assure that financing proceeds may not be used for refinancing existing debt;
    j) not be available to all persons, corporations, firms and companies who are already a BDC borrower;
    k) have a business plan falls within specified industry guidelines in order to be approved for financing;
    l) demonstrate that they have been discharged from bankruptcy for at least five years or one year after receipt of a Certificate of Full Performance in the case of a Consumer Proposal;
    m) have a maximum of 49% of revenues generated from the sale of alcohol when same is consumed on-site (for establishments serving alcohol). Exempt from this are producers such as craft breweries, wine and spirit producers, brew-it-yourself type locations;
    n) not need to be party to Futurpreneur Canada and BDC application if any age eligible entrepreneur (18-39 years old) owns 5% or less of the business.
    o) have the amount invested, or to be invested in the business, by the persons other than BDC and the character of the investment are such that a reasonable lender may expect that those persons will have a continuing commitment to the business. An amount of 10% of the total project plan financing will in general be considered as sufficient for the entrepreneur investment;

Additional eligibility criteria for partnerships and incorporated businesses:

Applications Steps:


receive an automatic email asking them to confirm their email address and continue their request (click on the link). If they don’t receive the confirmation email, they have to check their spam folder.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit the completed application form and upload the required documents, including:
a) a completed business plan;
b) financial forecasts for the next two years and a month-by-month breakdown; and
c) Government ID (passport or driver’s license).

Other Things to Note:

A Futurpreneur program funded by RBC, with additional loan financing from BDC..

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