Ag Capital Canada – Private Equity


Ag Capital Canada provides capital to help owner-operators take their companies to the next, higher level. Ag Capital Canada aims to discover, develop and nurture proven Canadian agricultural businesses which are already off to a strong start.

Comments on Funding:

Funding will take the form of private equity investments.


Applicants must:

  1. be smart, honest, hard-working Canadian business owners with bright prospects;
  2. have purely agricultural businesses (agri-business, agri-tech, or agri-food & beverage);
  3. have a business-to-business orientation (not retail);
  4. have been operational for at least two years (preferably with existing revenues);
  5. demonstrate a solid track record and path of growth;
  6. mesh with Ag Capital’s General Partners’ sectors of experience and knowledge.

Applications Steps:

Other Things To Note:

  1. Ag Capital Canada is comprised of two entities:
    a) A General Partnership (GP) consisting of five managing principals: Jay Bradshaw, John DePutter, John Lansink, Michael Perovich and Greg Andrukow.
    b) A Limited Partnership (LP) consisting of investors. Each of the five General Partners is also an investor.
    Interaction between the managing principals and the investors further broadens the collective skill set and experience of Ag Capital Canada.
  2. Ag Capital Canada’s fund portfolio will include a diverse group of small agricultural companies.

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