Extreme Venture Partners Extreme Accelerator (2022)


Extreme Accelerator (EA) is Canada’s first international accelerator. EA will strengthen Canada’s startup ecosystem by combining talent and capital from the Toronto – Waterloo corridor with the best international founders from around the world.

Comments on Funding:

How do they invest:

  1. Lead & Co-invest: Avg cheque size $100k for pre-seed.
  2. Follow-up: Top Canadian VC, up to $500k.


Preferred applicants are:

  • International startups relocating or expanding to Canada
  • Startups targeting global or North American market
  • Startups that demonstrated product market fit through revenue
  • Startups that demonstrated validations by accelerators or other parties.
  • Startups in the pre-seed (raising $200k-500k) or seed stage (secured $500k-1.5M).

Other Things to Note:

Extreme Venture Partners (EVP) is an early-stage technology venture capital firm focused on pre-seed & seed startups in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor. With three funds under management, EVP has achieved superior investment returns while helping launch and grow more than 100 companies and over 3,000 well-paying technology jobs in Canada.

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