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Grand Challenges Canada’s Transition To Scale program supports innovators from Canada and from low- and middle-income countries who are positioned to take their bold ideas to big impact in the area of global health. In this Request for Proposals, Grand Challenges Canada seeks to support the transition to scale and sustainability of Bold Ideas with Big Impact® from our Stars in Global Health, Saving Lives at Birth, Saving Brains, and Global Mental Health programs, as well as invited innovations from approved partners, such as the Every Woman Every Child Innovation Marketplace.

Comments on Funding:

Grand Challenges Canada makes investments of up to $3.0 million CAD to catalyze the scale and sustainability of the most promising global health innovations.


Applicants must be:

  • innovators,
  • invited by Grand Challenges Canada to submit an application for Transition to Scale funding (unsolicited applications will not be accepted or considered for funding).

Applications Steps:

Applicants must be invited by Grand Challenges Canada to submit an application for Transition to Scale funding.
Grand Challenges Canada will aim to provide a funding decision within six months of submission of a Transition-to-Scale application.

Other Things to Note:

  1. To date, Grand Challenges Canada has invested $182 million CAD in 237 Transition To Scale projects that are being implemented in 55 countries. This investment has leveraged over $399 million CAD in additional funding. Of these 237 projects, 59 are still continuing on the path to scale after Grand Challenges Canada funding ended.
  2. They estimate that the innovations in the Transition To Scale pipeline will save between 492,000 and 1.78 million lives and improve between 20 million and 64 million lives by 2030.
  3. Grand Challenges Canada’s programs are primarily undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.
  4. Grand Challenges Canada is a global leader in developing and investing in innovative financing for development impact, through the:
    a) Global Health Investment Fund;
    b) Every Woman Every Child Innovation Marketplace;
    c) Women’s and Children’s Health Technology Fund managed by Cross-Border Impact Ventures;
    d) And other models, including the structuring and investment in a Development Impact Bond.

Program Contact:

Transition To Scale

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