Shaw Rocket Fund – Rocket Funding: Complementary Content Stream


The Complementary Content Stream invests in all complementary content (including non-programming digital content as defined by the CRTC, complementary video content, websites, social media, etc.) that is based on and accompanies the audiovisual programming from the Audiovisual or Partnership Streams to fully support the audiovisual programming in which the Rocket Fund invests.

Comments on Funding:

  1. No maximum dollar investment has been established; however, the Rocket Fund expects to invest no greater than $50,000 per Complementary Content application.
  2. The Rocket Fund may invest a higher dollar amount if the Complementary Content application demonstrates recoupment potential.


Applicants must:

  • an incorporated Canadian company which is neither owned nor “controlled in fact” by any non-Canadian individual or permanent resident, or any non-Canadian corporation;
  • derive its primary source of income from the creation of audiovisual programs and/or
    associated non-programming digital content and, unless otherwise waived by the Rocket Fund at its sole discretion, has an arm’s length relationship to conventional broadcasters, discretionary services and/or on-demand services regulated by the CRTC.
  • have investment proposals with the strength of the creative content and its ability to resonate with the intended child, youth, and/or family audiences, and how proposals exhibit equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • have investment proposals that include a strong financing plan and demonstrate the program’s discoverability with the intended audience along with appropriate sales and recoupment potential;
  • have applications that:
    a) reflect equity, diversity and inclusion with authenticity;
    b) provide a greater market opportunity and monetization potential.

To qualify as Eligible Complementary Content, the Complementary Content must:

  • be new or updated digital or interactive content e.g. games, apps or non-programming digital content, websites, or additional audiovisual content (i.e. digital shorts), new audio production (i.e. podcast) or other content related to audience development or discoverability (i.e. social media);
  • be based on and tied to an Eligible Program that:
    a) has received an investment from the Rocket Fund, or
    b) has an application for the Eligible Program which is submitted to the Rocket Fund at the same time as the Complementary Content application.
  • be of high quality and clearly demonstrates how the content will enhance the viewing experience for a children’s, youth, or family audience.

Applications Steps:

Applicants must:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must upload all the required documents:

  1. Detailed Complementary Content plan, including:
    a) Description of the Complementary Content;
    b) How the Complementary Content helps to support the audiovisual series;
    c) Information on the target audience, user experience, interactivity and replayability;
    d) Technical specifications (for websites, games, mobile apps, augmented reality or virtual reality applications);
    e) Information on safety protocols to ensure the safety of the child audience and users;
    f) Market opportunity and monetization structure (if applicable)
  2. Production schedule that includes high-level milestones and durations that support project
  3. Document detailing how the Complementary Content reflects Canadian diversity and inclusion (the content, the digital production team, etc.);
  4. Evidence of Canadian legal identity (i.e. incorporation documents for production or parent company);
  5. Proposed financial structure for the Complementary Content;
  6. Letter or licence(s) from Producer or an eligible platform indicating the intent to make the audiovisual program or series available to its intended Canadian audience;
  7. A detailed Audience Development Plan (ADP) including a schedule and detailed budget. Audience Development Plan and Budget Templates can be found on the Rocket Fund website. If submitting the same ADP as the audiovisual stream application, ensure that it specifically addresses the Complementary Content’s audience;
  8. If applying for Complementary Content for a subsequent season of a series (i.e. Season 2 and beyond), a detailed report providing analytics and other measures of success from the previous season’s associated Complementary Content (i.e. number of users, views, impressions, shares, traffic to website, number of downloads, etc.) – if applicable;
  9. Current budget top sheet and detailed production budget, dated and signed;
    10 Current company profiles for Production Company, Co-Production Company and Parent Company(ies);
    11 Complementary Production Team List, along with any Key Creative bios/resumes (Key Creatives can include Producer, Executive Producer, Director (including Technical Director, Creative Director, Art Director and Interactive Director), Senior Programmer, Designer and Project Leader); and
  10. Self-Identification Contact List (see template on website).

Other Things to Note:

Applications for Complementary Content will follow the process and timeline of the Audiovisual Stream (i.e., two deadlines per year, with an endeavour to make investment decisions within 8 to 10 weeks after the deadline date), whether as part of the Audiovisual Stream or the Partnership Stream.

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