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SRCkode invests in people with great and innovative business ideas and market changing products. They strive a hands-on approach helping not only from R&D, prototyping, product development to commercialization, but also providing strategic resources, verticals, important partnership alliances, and ongoing support. SRCkode continually supports participants through different venture growth, and venture financing by partnering with local investors and venture capital funds to make you successful and compete in global scale.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is the form of venture capital.


Applicants must:

  • be technology entrepreneurs in the proof of concept stage;
  • have a start-up or idea with innovation and growth potentials of a global scale;
  • show commitment to develop their start-ups through all growth phases;
  • have a life-improving pledge to change technologies and communities both locally and globally.

Applications Steps:

Other Things to Note:

With a total team of over 45 professionals and developers in three cities located in Canada and Asia SRCkode brings along a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

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