Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network – Pitch Equation Angels


In addition to a sizable financial investment, angels help entrepreneurs prepare more effective pitches, navigate the due diligence process and expand their networks through industry connections.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is between $200,000 up to $2M but may be higher if other investors are committed to fill the larger round.


Applicants must be:

  • Canadian entrepreneurs and start-ups who are ready for investment;
  • seeking venture financing between $200K to $2M.

Criteria for fitting the Angel group:

  • Customer Traction: Annual revenues of at least $100K or high likelihood of closing sales to a strategic customer within three months;
  • Scalability: Use of innovative technology to scale customer and revenue growth rapidly;
  • Addressable Market Size: At least $100M annually;
  • Market Geography: Global;
  • Location: Ontario, with preference for southern Ontario;
  • Age of Company: Three years or less from date of incorporation, with exceptions for companies with a major pivot;
  • Intellectual Property: Preferably owned or assigned to company; preferably patented or patentable. IP may include trade secrets;
  • Founder Team: Complementary coverage of skill sets; open to bringing in executives to help fill skill gaps; experienced, driven, and coachable;
  • Industry Sector: All but pharmaceutics;
  • Financing Sought: Up to $2M but may be higher if other investors are committed to fill the larger round;
  • Pre-money Valuation: Generally, not greater than $5M. Justification will be required for valuation based on revenues, market position, IP;
  • Innovation: Must present clear advantages over competitors, whether in technology, products, or market approach;
  • Readiness for Due Diligence: Secure data room available with information that is standard for early stage due diligence (Due Diligence checklist available);
  • Ability to Pitch: Practiced ability to present advantages of your company at a very high level to a general university-educated audience.

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