BDC Wholesale Financing – Indirect Financing


The BDC Wholesale Financing scheme helps financial intermediaries get more funding for their customers in order to fill market gaps and increase the availability of capital for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Through Indirect Financing, BDC leverages indirect channels to increase its impact on Canadian SMEs by providing capital to financial intermediaries. By doing so, we encourage other institutions to provide continued economic support to Canadian businesses.

Comments on Funding:

The Funding Platform for Independent Lenders (F-PIL) is focused on financing through term facilities backed by loans and leases on vehicles and equipment.


The applicant must be a finance or leasing company.

Other Things to Note:

  1. BDC’s core business is securitization, a specialized form of financing that they offer to finance and leasing companies through their Funding Platform for Independent Lenders (F-PIL), in partnership with TAO Asset Management (TAO). For smaller, emerging finance and leasing companies with fewer assets, they also offer a secured lending facility under the same platform.
  2. These are funding options for other lenders which invest in businesses.

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