BDC Business Purchase or Transfer Financing (2022)


The BDC Business Purchase or Transfer Financing program provides funding to entrepreneurs thinking of buying a company, making a merger or acquiring a competitor to expand their business.
Financing can be use to:
1. acquire fixed assets (purchase land, a building, equipment and shares of an existing business),
2. buyout a business (secure financing for a family succession, a management buyout (MBO) or to refinance vendor financing (vendor take-back),
3. acquire intangible assets (access additional financing to obtain intellectual property, goodwill and client lists).

Comments on Funding:

Funding starts at $100,000 for businesses that have been in operation for more than 24 months.

The above-mentioned amount is requested by the online application system when trying to apply.

BDC doesn’t take personal assets as collateral for the loan.


Applicant must:

  • be entrepreneurs/ Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  • have reached the age of majority in the province or territory in which they live;
  • have a business that has been in operations for at least 24 months.

Applications Steps:

Applicant must:

Other Things to Note:

The application portal asks for how long has the business been in operation. If the applicant selects “between 12-24 months”, he is redirected towards a different program (i.e., Start-up financing). I concluded that only businesses older than 24 months are allowed to apply.

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