City of Toronto – Energy Retrofit Loans


The Energy Retrofit Program offers fixed, long-term, low-interest financing to enable building owners to invest in low-carbon, energy-efficient capital improvements and increase their net operating income (NOI).

Comments on Funding:

The program offers fixed-rate financing for up to 100% of project costs for terms up to 20 years. Funding limits will be determined by a business case assessment. The interest rate will reflect the City’s cost of borrowing. As the City’s cost of borrowing varies daily, the actual interest rate cannot be confirmed until the loan is approved


Applicants must be owners:

  • willing to invest in low-carbon, energy-efficient capital improvements.
  • of buildings located in Toronto, including:
    a) commercial, retail and industrial;
    b) multi-family residential;
    c) condominium buildings (common areas only, not individual units);
    d) social housing;
    e) hospitals and long-term care;
    f) schools, colleges and universities;
    g) not-for-profit;
    h) hospitality.

Applications Steps:

Applicants must:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. two years of audited financial statements;
  2. detailed project summary including:
    a) estimated energy saving calculations;
    b) estimated emission savings;
    c) project costs;
  3. feasibility or engineering study including:
    a) equipment details;
    b) facility description;
    c) spec sheets (if available);
    d) cost estimates;
    e) project management timeline;
  4. other documents, as required.

Program Contact:

Energy Retrofit Loans | City of Toronto

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