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Coralus brings together hundreds of radically generous women called Activators who contribute $1100 each (or twelve monthly payments of $92) for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA; or £850 (or twelve monthly payments of £71) for the UK. That money is pooled and then loaned out in the form of 0%-interest 5 year loans to women-led Ventures whom the Activators help select. As the money is paid back into the fund, it’s loaned out again to support more women-led Ventures each year.

Comments on Funding:

Funding takes the form of interest-free loans.

The 0%-interest loan has a five-year term for each Venture. Ventures pay back their loans in 20 quarterly installments over a five year period.


Applicants must:

  • be majority owned (51%+) and majority led by a by cis or trans woman, non-binary, gender-fluid or gender nonconforming people;;
  • have generated between $50K – $2M in Canada, in recurring revenue, from customers, in the last 12 months;
  • be registered as a legal entity in the region for which they are applying;
  • be for-profits, not-for-profits or charities that generate revenue and can pay back a loan over 5 years.

Application Steps:

Applicants must:
1. submit their application by answering key questions about their model and their impact;
2. submit financials and a video introducing their companies, if invited;
3. attend a retreat, if selected. 

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. financials;
2. a video describing their company.


Visions | UBS Global

Program Contact:

The Venture Invitation

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