Telefilm Canada – Marketing Program


This program supports Canadian distribution and production companies looking to finance the marketing and distribution of their feature film project(s).

Comments on Funding:

Funding will be in the form of a repayable non-interest bearing advance up to 75% of the eligible Canadian marketing costs. All payments from Telefilm will be made by direct deposit.
The amount of financial support will depend on the amount of the request, the scope of the project, as well the applicant’s track record.

Telefilm financing may not exceed:

  • 75% of the eligible Canadian marketing costs for projects submitted by an Eligible Distribution Company.
  • the lesser of 75% of the eligible Canadian marketing costs or $75,000 for projects submitted by production companies and distribution companies that do not qualify as Eligible Distribution Companies.


The applicant must:

  • be either a distributor or a producer;
  • be a Canadian controlled corporation, as determined under sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act with its head office in Canada;
  • carry out its activities in Canada;
  • be financially stable;
  • hold all Canadian Distribution rights of the project submitted (including ancillary rights);
  • have their key personnel exercising financial, distribution and marketing control over the project submitted to Telefilm – Canadian citizens, within the definition of the Citizenship Act, or permanent residents within the definition of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Additional eligibility criteria for Distribution companies:

  • the company should have been active in theatrical distribution in Canada for the last two years in the last five years, by demonstrating a sufficient volume of business;
    2.the company should demonstrate relevant expertise at all times and have one or more senior executives with five years experience in the distribution company or a distribution company of comparable size; and,
  • if affiliated with a Canadian broadcaster, the company must be a separately incorporated entity, distinct from the operations of the broadcaster(s) with which it is affiliated;
  • the company must demonstrate to Telefilm’s satisfaction a commitment to distributing Canadian feature films and must possess the experience and level of expertise necessary to distribute the production.

Additional eligibility criteria for a Production company:

  • operates as a feature film production company;
  • has produced the project submitted to Telefilm for funding, and
  • has adequate promotion and marketing expertise.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  • Executed distribution agreement and any amendment(s) thereto or if self-distributing, a Letter containing the key terms of distribution;
  • Written commitment from exhibitor to release the project in theatres within 6 months of the application date – If the project is submitted by a production company or a distribution company that does not qualify as an Eligible Distribution Company under the Program
  • CAVCO certification letter or CRTC certification letter or Official treaty co-production certification (If a project not financed by Telefilm in production);
  • Service agreement with third party expert, if applicable;
  • Detailed marketing and distribution plan for the Canadian theatrical release;
  • Links to the film website, social media sites, film’s trailer, etc, if applicable;
  • Videolink or DVD of the film;
  • Detailed marketing budget (Canadian and Foreign costs) including all related party transactions;
  • Financial participation deal memos;
  • Declaration of sponsorships;
  • Visibility proposal for Telefilm Canada;
  • Community Engagement Plan, if the project was not financed by Telefilm Canada in production/postproduction.

The following documents are required if they have been updated or modified since the applicant company’s last funding application to Telefilm Canada:

  • Incorporation documents;
  • Corporate declaration;
  • Corporate financial statements.

Program Contact:

Marketing Program


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