Posted: February 9, 2022


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Type of Program:



The DMZ’s Bootcamp is a pre-incubator program that helps early-stage tech founders validate their business idea, establish a minimum viable product and build a roadmap for implementation to launch a startup.

Comments on Funding:

No funding involved.

When It Ends:

Accepting applications for May 2022


No deadline found


Applicants should:

  • have at least one participating founder and ideally, a dedicated tech lead;
  • have a business idea dedicated to solving a compelling problem using innovative technology;
  • have completed basic market research to understand the problem/solution;
  • have the potential to transition into the DMZ Incubator program at the end of the Bootcamp;
  • be driven, coachable, and collaborative. 

Applications Steps:


Applicants must apply online using the DMZ Application Form.


Applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted by a member of the Programs team to schedule a follow up meeting.


Selected startups will be invited to pitch to DMZ’s Programs team followed by due diligence.

Other Things to Note:

  1. 1
    Startups with at least one Black or woman-identifying co-founder receive an additional layer of startup support and benefits when joining the Bootcamp.
  2. 2
    Through the DMZ's partnerships, Bootcamp startups receive exclusive perks from 80+ partners valued at over $470K in business savings.
  3. 3
    DMZ is a Toronto-based world-leading growth incubator.
  4. 4
    This is an equity-free program. The DMZ does not take an equity stake from companies in the Bootcamp.
  5. 5
    Now accepting applications for May 2022.



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