EDGE and ICUBE UTM – Leap Startup League


At EDGE and ICUBE UTM we work with changemakers from all backgrounds and industries to help turn their big ideas into reality. The Leap Startup League offers the resources and teach the skills you need to map out a sustainable business or organization.

Comments on Funding:

No funding involved.


Applicants must:

  • have identified a startup idea and are in the ideation or early startup phase;
  • be open to exploring how their startup idea can contribute to and benefit from current sustainability practices;
  • be willing to transform and adapt their ideas as they work through the program;
  • be looking for collaborators and advisors;
  • be serious about pursuing their startup idea and be committed to completing the program;
  • be living in or building a venture that will operate in Canada,
  • be available for all sessions and committed to working on their venture for at least 5 hours weekly.

The founders and venture idea contribute to the vision for a more healthy, equitable and sustainable society championed by ICUBE UTM and EDGE. All social entrepreneurial thinkers, creators, and leaders are encouraged to apply!

Other Things to Note:

ICUBE UTM is an University of Toronto on-campus accelerator.
EDGE is Sheridan College’s Entrepreneurship Hub.

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