Innovation Cluster – 30-Day Cube Bootcamp


The 30-Day Cube Bootcamp is a 4-week long program new clients must complete to equip their company with the necessary tools to succeed in the incubator. The 30-day Cube Bootcamp is divided into four workshop themes, all designed to give you the tools you need to establish, start and grow your company.

Comments on Funding:

No funding involved.


Applicants must:

  • be entrepreneurs looking to establish, start and grow their company; 
  • and/or members of their team must attend the virtual sessions. 

Other Things to Note:

  1. Before your incubation at the Innovation Cluster begins, we kick off a 30-Day Cube Bootcamp for new clients each quarter. The Bootcamp begins the first week of January, May, and September.
  2. While we accept applications to the Cube Incubation on an ongoing basis, accepted clients will not begin their programming until the following quarter.
  3. After successfully completing the 30 Day Cube Bootcamp Program, you will undergo a Milestone Review to reflect on your business’s growth and needs, followed by a full integration into the 6-month Cube Incubation Program and have access to all resources and mentors from the Innovation Cluster.


“This is a time when having someone to reach out to, to talk about ideas, and to work through this situation is certainly lowering my stress. They have connections and people are willing to listen to you because you are connected to the Innovation Cluster.”

Dan KitchenMake Stuff Move

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